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Communication Boards

Need to leave a note for the kids?
Want a place to display errands?
Hold mail?

A communication board, otherwise known as a memo board, is the answer! The best part about one? You can customize it to best suit your needs.

Here we have all the components for you to create a communication board that works for your family.

- Classic 12" x 12" Frames
- Organization 12" x 12" Tiles
- Corkboard
- Blank Calendar
- Galvanized Tin
- Chalkboard
- Mirror


supplies: Cork Board, Magnet Board, Chalk Board, Dry-Erase Board, Acrylic CalendarsFOUR EASY STEPS

ONE: Select a ready-made frame.

TWO: Select one of the Corkboard, Magnet Board, Chalkboard, Dry-Erase Board or Acrylic Calendar tiles.

THREE: Adhere the tiles to foam core.

FOUR: Place the completed project in the frame and hang in a central location.


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