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Finger Friends
Designed by Kathleen George - Project Courtesy of The Dow Chemical Company

STYROFOAM* Brand Products:
2- 1" or 1-1/2" balls
1- block (optional)

1- 3" piece of chenille stem
1- pair wiggle eyes
Craft paintstiff paint brush
Felt scraps
Craft materials such as eyelash curls, pom-poms, yarn
Craft glue or glue gun and glue sticks
Wooden skewers or toothpicks

Painting. Paint with water-based craft paint. Paints containing solvents may damage the foam. (See paint manufacturer's instructions for details.)

Gluing. For a fast, sure bond, use a low-temperature glue gun. Hot glue guns can be used but might melt a small portion of the foam. (Please follow manufacturer's safety instructions when operating a glue gun.) White craft glue is a tried and true favorite for STYROFOAM Brand Products; use florists' picks or toothpicks to hold pieces together while drying.

If desired, paint balls of STYROFOAM. Push a skewer into the balls to hold while painting; place skewers in a block of foam to hold while balls dry.

2. Shape 3" piece of chenille stem into a "U". Dip ends in glue and insert U shape into 2 balls so U shape will slip under the wearer's middle finger while the two balls sit on top of the hand to form the puppet's eyes. (1" balls work best for smaller hands.)

3. Cut felt shapes for eyes; glue wiggle eyes to felt or attach wiggle eyes directly on plastic foam balls. Glue on other features such as pom-poms and eyelash curls, or felt ears and eyelids.

4. Dab glue onto foam and use a skewer to push materials such as yarn into the foam for hair. Insert chenille stems into foam for antennae or eye lashes. For antennae, gently curve chenille stems and glue pom-poms onto the tips of shaped chenille stems; dip in glue and insert into foam.

5. Modify the finger puppet instructions to create a finger friend that resembles your school mascot, favorite pet or other character. Buttons, sequins or glitter are other objects that might inspire your creativity.

Project reprinted courtesy of the Dow Chemical Company, Manufacturer of Genuine STYROFOAM(R) Brand Foam. For more free project ideas, please visit

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