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Flip Flop Accordion Book

Project: Flip Flop BookSUPPLIES:
1 pair foam flip flop
3 - 12x12 double-sided printed paper ("Reminicse Surf Shop" used in this project)
3 - 12x12 card stock to match with printed paper.
Sticker Alphabet Letter Sheet ("Reminicse Surf Shop" used in this project)
Assorted Stickers to go with photos
Assorted Ribbon to match paper
Acrylic Paint
Stamps of choice
Paper Trimmer
Foam Brush
Craft Glue
Tape Runner

1. Remove strap and toe thong from right flip flop. Paint edges and bottoms of both flip flops.

2. Draw out line of flip flop on 2 of the printed papers, cut out and tear in half at an angle. Glue to fronts of flip flops.

3. Make accordion folded pages. When folded up it should be the same width as the flip flops. Glue to bottoms of flip flops. Mat pictures and embellish as you like!

Come see us if you have any questions on how to make the folded pages.

Flip Flop Accordian Book

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