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Snowman made using the Knifty Knitter Loom
Knifty Little Snowman
made with the Knifty Knitter Looms

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Materials Needed:
1 set of Knifty Knitter Looms (Round)
1 NEW Sink Plunger (about 12" tall)
2 skeins of white yarn (3oz. or larger)
1 skein of any color yarn for hat and scarf (rolled into 2 balls)
1 bag of polyfil
Buttons for face
Medium Knifty Knifter Loom

1. Bottom Body Section: With 2 strands of white yarn, work on every peg of green loom, for approximately 10-12 inches.

2. When you have reached the desired length, cut your yarn about 15" away from the last peg and put your yarn needle on the strands of thread. Go around the loom picking up the yarn off each peg (starting with the first peg) until you have all the yarn off the pegs.

3. Draw up the yarn to leave an opening approximately 1-1½ " put the needle through the opening and slide the opening over the handle of the plunger. Pull the yarn snug. Whipstitch around in the loops surrounding the plunger handle. (Tacky Glue can be used here also, for extra durability - put the glue where the yarn and plunger handle meet on the inside of the project).

4. Stuff the bottom body section with polyfil to the desired fullness. Whipstitch the top closed around the plunger handle. (Apply more glue here if desired).

5. Middle Body Section: Repeat directions for “Bottom Body Section” this time using the red loom and working approximately 9-11 inches.

6. Top Body Section Repeat directions for “Bottom Body Section” this time using the blue loom and working approximately 11-13". When you whipstitch the top of this section closed it will not be around the plunger handle. You will draw it up tight and secure your stitches

7. This section looks a little abnormally long, but remember ½ of this section is covered by the hat, so you want it to be longer. You will sew (and/or glue) the face on after the hat is on.

8. Hat: Using the red loom, make a hat with brim and ball. To make the brim, work every peg with 2 strands of yarn for approximately 12-14 rows; pull the first stitch up on the pegs; knit off; continue working until your hat measures about 7" or so.

9. When you reach 7", cut the yarn about 15" away from the last peg and put your yarn needle on the threads and pick up the loops from around the pegs. Pulling tightly, take your needle through to the center of the hat. Whipstitch a couple of stitches to secure the hat. Make a pom-pom to put on top of the hat using a pom-pom maker.

10. Scarf: Using any loom work the panel stitch for 5 pegs with 2 strands of the same yarn used for the hat. (When doing the panel stitch, the end pegs only get knitted off every other row.)

11. Bind off: To remove from the pegs use a crochet hook, size G or H. Starting at the end opposite the yarn tail, lift the first loop off the peg. Then go straight across and lift the second loop peg #2 and pull it through the first loop. Continue on to the third peg and take this loop off the peg and pull it through the second loop. Continue back and forth until all the loops have been removed. Pull the tail of the yarn through the remaining loop and tighten. This tightens the knitted piece up.

Add fringe to the bottom of the scarf by cutting pieces of the yarn approximately 6" and pull 2 strands (folded in half) through the bottom of the scarf every ½” or so, using a crochet hook. Pull the ends of the fringe through the loop made by the crochet hook. Snug down and trim the fringe if needed. ENJOY!!

Project designed by Tami Benge, reprinted courtesy of

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