Ben Franklin in Monroe and Bonney Lake WA

Monroe store
19505 Hwy 2
Monroe, WA 98272

Bonney Lake store
21121 Hwy 410
Bonney Lake, WA 98391

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Absolutely Apples
Americana Pillow
Antiqued Frame
Appliqué Snowflake Scarf
Apron - Homespun
Baby Brag Book
Baby Duck Blanket
Baby Crochet Blanket
Bamboo Tray
Baseball Frame
Bead Charm
Beaded Bookmark
Beaded Bookmark II
Beaded Curtain
Beaded Easter Eggs
Beaded Eyeglass Chain
Beaded Rainbow Anklet
Beaded Wine Glass Stems
Beaded Ornaments
Beaded Photo Holder
Bell Ornament
Belt, Retro Tie
Belt, Ribbon
Betta Aquarium
(Monroe store)
Blanket & Pillow (Minkee fabric)
Blanket, Snow Queen
Bohemian Necklace
Bracelet, Crystal Elegance
Bracelet, Pretty In Pink
Bracelet, Sculpey Bead
Bracelet, Red Button
Bracelet, Wood Bead

Bug Hut
Bulletin Board
Bunny Ear Blanket
Bunny / Carrot Pencil Holder
Bunny Purse
Bunny, Styrofoam Egg
ButterFly Garden Stake
Buttons & Beads Bracelet
Candy Canes
Candy Corn Treat Boxes
Canvas, Abstract
Canvas Art Poster
Canvas Art using Twelve by 12
Canvas, Fabric Wrapped
Caramel Apple
Card, Dreams Do Come True
Card, Eeyore Friendship
Card, Friendship
Cardmaking (Sewing)
Card, Spinner
Card, Shirt (Father's Day)
Card, Spring
Card, Zig Zag Border
Cell Phone Charm
Cell Phone Tote
Cha-Cha Bracelet
Chemo Caps
Chick Egg
Chocker (Big Rock Candy)
Clay Pot Candle
Clip Board
Communication Board
Concert Cuffs
Cowgirl Wig
Cowl & Cuffs Set to
Cowl (Knifty Knitter)
Craft Sticks & Image Trivet
Creepy Critters
Critter Blanket
Critter Scarf
Crochet Red/Black Purse
Crochet Afghan
Crochet Pullover
Crystal Earrings
Crystal Reflections
Daisy Table Setting
Decorated Trunks
Decoupage Flower Pot
Diamond Fleece Scarf
Disco Glittery Trees
Dog Pin
Dry Embossing
Earrings, Cascade Chain
Earrings, Chain Loop
Earrings, Drop
Egg Wreath
Egg, Mica Powder
Envirotex Coaster Set
EnviroTex Tile Picture
Envirotex Frame
Easiest Bracelet Ever
Easter Egg Ornaments
Easter Egg (Yarn)
Easter Wreath

Fall Theme Pot
Family Framed Collage
Father's Day Tie Tacks
Faux Leather Box
Feather Eggs
Finger Friends
Fleece Blanket
Fleece Baby Blanket
Fleece Boa
Flip Flop Accordion Book
Flip Flop Creations
Flip Flops, Yarn
Floral Arrangements I
Floral Arrangements II
Floral Cleaner
(Monroe Store)
Floating Candles
Flower Flute Centerpiece
Flowers for Mom
Flower Power Rug
Foam Visors
Framed Initial
Friendship Bracelet
Funky Birds
Funky Flowers

Glass Etching
Gold Leafing
Ghostly Windsock
Graduation Cap Gift Box
Graduation Card
Graduation Card II
Grandparents Card
Hair Scrunchies
Halloween Basket
Halloween Centerpieces
Halloween Ornaments
Halloween Ornaments II
Halloween Pail
Halloween Trick or Treat Can
Heart Ensemble
Hemp Belt
Heritage Quilt
Holiday Cow Bells
Homespun Tote Bag
Jacket Collar & Cuffs
Jean Charms
Key-Hole Scarf
Kids Striped Socks
Knit a Teddy Bear
Knit Capelet
Knitted Beaded Hat
Knitted Collar for Kids

Knitted Kid Poncho
Knitted Garland
Knitted Purse & Summer Sox
Knitted Valentine Scarf
Knitted Wrap
Ladybug on a Leaf
Magnetic Necklace
Marbled Easter Egg
Marbled Eggs
Marble Magnets
Marbleous Ornament
Memory Board
Message Board
Merry Monster
Metal do-it-yourself Frames
Mittens (Crocheted with Blush)
Mold Fish
Mummy Pot
"My Room" Sign
Neck Pillow
Necklace, Chunky Cord
Necklace, Crochet Bead
Necklace, Crochet Bead II
Necklace, Crochet Bead III
Necklace & Earring Set (Boho)
Necklace, Organza
Necklace (Waters of Mars)
No-Knit Scarf
Ornament -Brillant Blue
Ornament (Dotted Glass)
Ornament (Heirloom)
Ornament (Luminarte Marbled)
Ornament (Pineapple)

Patriotic Clay Pot
Patriotic Decoration
Patriotic Flag
Patriotic Wreath
Pearl Necklaces
Pendant Watch Necklace
Peppermint Pin
Personalized Chalk Board
Photo Restoration
Photo Transfer
Pillows, Fleece
Placemat, Old Glory (Knifty Knitter)
Placemat Purse (fushia)
Placemat Purse (green)
Plastic Canvas
Polar Fleece Scarf
Poncho, Trimmed
Poncho (Knifty Knitter)
Pressed Flower Coaster
Pumpkin Glass Ornament
Pumpkin Patch (Knifty Knitter)
Purse (Braque)

Quilled Egg
Ribbon Emblems of Unity
Rub-On Transfers
Rustic Star
Safety Pin Flag
Santa (Knit-Wit)
Santa's Spare Roll
Scrap On The Wall - Baby
Scrap On The Wall - Cats
Scrap On The Wall - Graduation
Scrap On The Wall - Mariners
Scrapbooking "How Do I"
Scarecrow, Flower Pot
Scarf and Throw
Scarf (Minkee/Fleece)
Scarf Organizer
Scarf with Pom Poms
Scarf, Quick & Easy
Scarf with Hat
Sculpey Bracelet
Sculpey Candy Corn
Sculpey Eraser Clay - BAT
Sculpey Eraser Clay - Pencil Top
Sculpey Eraser Clay - EGGS
Sculpey Eraser Clay - BOO
Sculpey Eraser Clay - CAR
Sculpey Flowers for Mom
Sculpey - Ghost
Sculpey Holiday Ribbons
Sculpey Ladybugs
Sculpey Lizard
Sculpey Necklaces
Sculpey Patriotic Bug
Sculpey Pen & Pencil Holder
Sculpey Spiral Pen & Holder
Sculpey Sports Ball Erasers
Sculpey Star Frame
Sculpey Uncle Sam
Sculpey Valentine Tic Tac Toe
Shadow Box
Simple Elegance Shawl
Snowman, Clay Pot
Snowman, Knifty Little
Snowman Heads
Snowman Bird House
Soap Making
Spring Bunny
Stamping in Clay
Stamping w/ Bleach
Stamping w/ Gold Leaf
Stemware Decor
Stiffy Ghost
Stocking Charms
Stocking, Minkee Christmas
Straw Hat Buddies
Suncatcher, Spoon
Silver & Hematite Jewelry
Swarovski Bracelet
Sweetheart Gift Box
Teacher's Key Ring
The Capelet
Topiary, Box
Towel Holders
Trivet (Tile Board)
Twisted Foil Pendant
Valentine Photo/Recipe Holder
Vintage Photo Quilt
Wall Plaques
Watch, Ribbon

Wine Glass Identifier
Wire Crochet Bracelet
Wire Wrapped Bracelet
Wire Wrapped Votives
Witch Boxes
Wood Memory Box
Wood Shelves
Wood Tags Snow Family
Worm Marionette
Wreath Easy
Wreath, White Roses
Wreaths, Making Fresh

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