Melissa & Doug Toys (Sept 07)
"It's quite possible to make great quality children's items in China, which meet all safety regulations. The key point is that you have to test and inspect very frequently to be sure that the factories are always following your instructions explicitly. We assure you, that's exactly what we do.

From our experience, the key to doing this correctly is not simply to insist that the factories follow your instructions, but then to go one step further and AUDIT, INSPECT, AND TEST very frequently. That is the most important part of the process, and it's something our company has always taken VERY seriously."

Melissa & Doug, Inc.

Perler Beads
Note to Parents: Perler Beads would like to reassure you that our beads are safely made using LDPE, a food-grade plastic. There are no harmful chemicals in our beads, as may have been found in similar products. Our beads are manufactured in California of materials obtained entirely in the United States and are routinely tested to meet all required safety standards. Our beads fuse by being ironed.

Perler Beads