We have a great selection of beading and jewelry making classes. See our calendar for dates and times.

Bead Department

From basic bead stringing to bead weaving to wire wrapping, we have all the supplies you'll need to create beautiful jewelry. Click here to learn more about upcoming classes. You can register online, in the store or by phone at 253-862-6822! Check out our menu on the left for more information about our bead department.

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4Ocean Recycled Bracelets

4Ocean collects one pound of trash from the ocean for every bracelet purchased. The bracelets are made from 100 percent recycled materials. View some videos and get more details HERE.

4Ocean Bracelets




Create Your Own Leather Jewelry

You can use a wood burning tool to create designs and patterns on leather. Use our Die-Cut Machine to cut the leather into any shape - we have over 800 dies!


Leather Jewerly



The "Stylish Leather Jewelry" magazine will help you create beautiful jewerly designs using leather and our Realeather Craft Lace.

Suede Cord



Use Leather Dye Pens on leather cuffs to create a personalized design just for you!

Leather Dye Pens use on Leather Cuff





Jesse James Bead Collection

The new beads in the Jesse James collection are so pretty on their own that it doesn't take any expertise to create a stunning jewelry piece with just a few of these beads strung together for a bracelet or necklace.

Jesse James Bead Collection

Jesse James Bead Collection





Loose Beads

We also have a new assortment of loose beads in a variety of colors. Come check these out!

Loose Beads





Lava Beads & Pendants for Aromatherapy

Add your favorite essential oil to the bead(s) and it will diffuse the aromatherapy scent.

Lava Beads and Pendants




ImpressArt Ring Bending Plier

Used for shaping metal strips into rings.

ImpressArt Ring Bending Plier



ImpressArt Ring Blanks

Aluminium wrap ring blanks for sizes 8-10.

ImpressArt Ring Blanks





ImpressArt "Melody" Metal Stamping Letter Sets

Uppercase or lowercase. Set of 33 pieces.

ImpressArt "Melody" Letters Stamp Sets





ImpressArt Heart Hole Punch Pliers

Punch 2mm heart holes into pewter, Alkeme and up to 20 gauge aluminum.

ImpressArt Heart Hole Punch Pliers




ImpressArt Bracelet Guides

Easy to space out your stamped letters in a straight line.

ImpressArt Bracelet Guides





We have new charms!

new charms





Es-Scent-ials Aromatherapy Locket Necklace

Aromatherapy can enhance your day! Our beautiful design lets the aroma of your favorite essential oils accompany you always. Pendant locket measures 30 mm in diameter, and comes with ten black, reusable felted pads. The anti-tarnish, silver toned chain measures 24" (60 cm).


Es-Scent-ials Aromatherapy Locket





Adjustable Illuminating Magnifier Kit

Kit includes head piece, removable light and 6 lenses.
Removable light as a swivel head to allow lighting in any direction.

Adjustable Illuminating Magnifier Kit





Metal Stamping Tools by ImpressArt

To personalize your jewelry projects. AVAILABLE KITS: Juniper, Newsprint Numbers and Letters

Metal Stamping Tools by ImpressArt Metal Stamps

Bead Mode Stamped Bracelet





Create one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces for street fairs, festivals and farmers markets!


Steampunk Charms

Steampunk Charms



Metal Stamping Blanks

Metal Stamping Blanks





Bracelet Bending Bar by Impress Art

Easily shape metal strips into bracelets with the new ImpressArt bracelet bending bar.
Here's a short video that shows you how it works: CLICK HERE

Bracelet Bender by Impress Art





Mini Bottle Necklaces

Fill with your choice of embellishments.

Minit Bottle Necklaces + Flat Stones





8 Bracelets - Project Sheets Available!

Here are 8 beautiful bracelets that you can make! Download the project sheets here.

8 free bracelet tutorial




10 Bracelets - Project Sheets Available!

Here are 10 beautiful bracelets that you can make! Download the project sheets here.

Bracelets - 10 projects sheets available.