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Breyer Horses collectiblesBreyer Horses Collectibles

Breyer® is renowned for the realism, authenticity and detailed accuracy of its model horses and animals.

Each model is prepped and finished by hand and then turned over to the painting department for hand painting.

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Breyer Red Stable Set and Accessories - Stablemates

Breyer Horses Red Barn




Breyer Pocket Box Cats & Dogs

Many breeds available. Collect them all!

Breyer Pocket Box Cats & Dogs




Breyer Miniatures

Breyer Miniatures





Here are some of the collections we carry.

Breyer Horses Classics collection


Designed for authentic and imaginative play offering younger collectors realistic horses and excellent collectibility, Classics™ are created with the same care and devotion as Breyer®'s Traditional™ line! Sculpted in 1:12 scale.



Breyer Horses Traditional collection


The world’s ‘most asked for' horses since 1950! Hand-painted and accurately detailed - no two are exactly alike - Breyer®’s Traditional line brings the world of horses alive with the most authentic and realistic model horses available today! Sculpted in 1:9 scale.

Mini Whinnies Breyer horses Mini Whinnies™ Mini Whinnies™ are totally fun micro-mini horses that come in easy-to-carry packages and play sets so you can always have horsy fun wherever you go! With three cool collections – Mares, Stallions, and Foals – and a stable full of adventuresome play sets, you are bound to find your favorite breed and color. Each Mini Whinnies collection comes packed in a cute heart-shaped vinyl bag. Mares and stallions measure approximately 1 ½" tall and foals are approximately 1” tall.



Stablemates Red Stable Set with Two Horses



Stablemates Red Stable Set with Two Horses

Made of durable plastic, this three-stall barn features a storage area and comes with four corral fences, a jump, water trough and three racing barrels. Two Stablemates horses also included.

A Parent's Choice Awards Winner and perennial best seller! Assembly required.




Breyer Horses West Wind Stable


West Wind Stable

Perfect for horse crazy kids, nothing is a greater introduction to the wonderful world of horse play than Breyer® Classics® West Wind Stable! Just add Classics® model horses and accessories and you can replicate the real horse world with hours of imaginative fun in the stable.

Real hardwood stable has three stalls and windows and doors that open and close. Fits three Classics-scale (1/12th) horses.

NOTE: Doll, models, and accessories in picture not included.





Cutting Horse & CalfCutting Horse & Calf

Perfect for the horse crazy girl, nothing is a greater introduction to the wonderful world of horse play than Breyer Classics model horses and accessories! With our model horse collection you can join new friends and learn all about the many breeds and colors of horses, as well as how to take care of them. You can recreate the real world of horses with accessories that provide hours of imaginative fun. Contains 1 Classics scale horse and 1 Classics scale calf.

The Saddle Club collection - Breyer Horses

The Saddle Club™
Lisa, Stevie and Carole, the heroines of the Saddle Club television series, are learning about life and riding at Pine Hollow Stables, where they share adventures with their equine friends Prancer, Belle and Starlight. In the series, based on the books written by Bonnie Bryant, they remain true to what brought them together: their love of horses.

Pony Gals collection - Breyer Horses

Pony Gals™
Get ready for fun and adventure with Pony Gals, the latest ponies in the Breyer barn! Pony Gals feature long, soft manes and tails and hand-generated magical actions that are perfect for playful young horse lovers. And they have lots of fun accessories. Approximately 1/12 scale.

Stablemates collection - Breyer Horses

Stablemates™ are as beautifully detailed as our Traditional™ horses and offer variety and lots of accessories. Fun to play with and collect for kids and adults alike! Sculpted to 1:32 scale.

Breyer Horses activity kitsActivity Kits Develop a new skill! Paint, sculpt, or stitch with Breyer®'s craft kits that stir the imagination, stimulate learning and awaken artistic expression. Inspired by the artistic mediums (painting, sculpting and tack-making) practiced by top artists in the model horse hobby, these kits are fun for collectors of all ages. Easy-to-follow instructions and the finest artist quality materials are included with each kit.

Breyer Horses - Games

Games and Puzzles

Puzzles and games to delight and challenge the young Breyer® collector! Developed and manufactured by International Playthings, a company known for their fine games and puzzles.