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"FLORAL" Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Craft Projects and Tutorials (click on the picture to open the tutorial file)


Project: Vertical Garden - CLICK HERE to downlaod instructions

Vertical Garden

Project: Jute Wrapped Vase - CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS

Jute Wrapped Vase


Project: Wedding Flowers Shadowbox - CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS

Wedding Flowers Shadowbox


Free Project Sheet: 3 Tier Mini Wreaths - CLICK HERE

3 Tier Mini Wreaths



Free Project Sheet: Radiant Wall Art

Radiant Wall Art




click here

Spherical Hanging
Flower Basket



Project: Valentine Vase - CLICK HERE

Floral & Candy Vase


Project: Tipsy Pots - CLICK HERE

Tipsy Pots




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Flowered Centerpiece


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White Roses Wreath


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Color items using
Alcohol Ink

Project: Decorative Moss Tree - CLICK HERE

Decorative Moss Tree