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Facebook Recommendation (July 31, 2019)

This store is a treasure- it has everything! Merchandise is displayed well, the store is full but not crowded, there are products you didn't know existed, but must have! Ben Franklin is definitely a fun destination experience and it isn't a huge chain - there are just two. How refreshing is that?" ~ Elizabeth Ramstad


Yelp Review (March 16, 2019)

I love love love this store. They are always well-staffed. I can always find someone to help me and they do so enthusiastically and with great knowledge of their inventory. Even when check out lines get long on the weekends, they move quickly.

On a recent trip I was looking for supplies and ideas for my son's upcoming llama-themed birthday party. From the first "are you finding everything ok?" request til I left the store loaded up with great supplies, the staff here went out of their way to make sure I saw everything llama-related that could help me throw an unforgettable birthday party.

Using their amazing die-cut machines, I was able to craft two custom birthday banners for my son. And yes, they even had a llama die-cut! I'm honestly shocked that all craft stores don't have these handy-dandy machines. They're simple machines for cutting shapes (letters, numbers, animals, etc) out of paper. They can take your science fair project, your scrapbook page, your 4-H project, from ok to wow so simply. The only cost is the cost of the paper. The machines are free for customers to use.

This store is very well laid-out with ideas at every turn. My advice to anyone is to allot extra time for browsing when you come here because there are treasures at every turn. I recently went back after my big llama-haul just to cut a few more letters and found the most adorable alpaca erasers in the check out line. Score! Those little cuties are going in the goodie bags for my son's party.

They have décor, fabric, jewelry-making supplies, die-cuts, stickers, every kind of paper you could want, glitter, glues, stamps, felt, yarn, fancy duct tape, walls and baskets of ribbon, cute little signs like "but first, coffee", gift ideas, trinkets, calendars, frames, poster board, games and the list goes on.....a true crafter's paradise with a little something for everyone. ~ LeighAnn W.


Google Review (Feb. 20, 2019)

Loved the whole experience! I went into Hobby Lobby for the first time a few weeks ago and was literally blown away and was too overwhelmed with the amount of stuff they had. It was way too much visual information to take in. I couldn't find what I wanted and was too visually stimulated to really focus on anything. Here at Ben Franklin they seem to have just as much selection, but it is very accessible and user friendly! A little too user friendly as I bought way too much stuff lol! But I am using all of it! Plus they gave me some amazing ideas on how to finish other projects that weren't really related to what was on the shelf. Overall it was a very inspiring and fun shopping experience. I was grateful to have gone right before the snow hit so I had lots of time to do my projects:) Margarethe McLeod


Yelp Review (July 9, 2018)

HUGE shout out to TJ and Annie in the photo/frame department. Those 2 truly saved the day for my friend and I - trying our damndest last minute to get very important and sentimental t shirts made to wear to a concert honoring my Mom. We walked in panicked and stressed after trying all night the day before to make them ourselves. Annie was nothing but compassionate and patient and did everything in her own power to help us. TJ had them done in an hour and they turned out perfect. Minutes before we had to leave for the show. They'll probably never know how they were the true heroes of this entire experience for us. Thank you thank you thank you Ben Franklin for having such a wonderful staff!! Alexa V.


2 Messages from a July 2016 Facebook Post:

- We save all the money we used to spend at the big box stores just to come visit your store as often as possible which is a bit of a drive in traffic. Love that you have such a large selection at fair prices but are family run. As a retail lady myself I am continually impressed with your customer service standard. The lady who runs your scrapbooking dept. in Monroe is fantastic, kind and knows her craft! Forgive me as I have forgotten her name again. Your crop is very fun just wish it was on ground level. All the above are the reasons we come back time and again. Thank you BenFranklin! Jennifer Kubik-DeGreave 

- Ben Franklin is my go-to one-stop shop! For fabric & sewing essentials, quilting & cake decorating classes, make & take sessions, everybody's favorite Founder's Day celebration, scrapbooking supplies, stencils, frames, beading.... Need I say more? And if you're lucky, you'll run into Adrian for a friendly chat! Wendy Canales 


Review on Facebook, March 24, 2016:

- This review is in reference to the frame shop since that's where I do all of my business at Ben Franklin. I can't say enough good things about the frame shop. The staff is always so helpful, it's truly a pleasure to come in and have work done, and the work is always perfect. Just today I picked up a custom job, which was particularly important as it was for a special someone, and it could not have turned out better. Needless to say, the recipient was thrilled with it. Bottom line, I'd never even consider taking my work anywhere else to be framed. The frame shop here is simply the best. Over the years I've spent thousands of dollars on framing projects, and I've never been less than 100% satisfied. Thanks! Russell Griffin


10 Messages from a July 2014 Facebook Post:

- Evelyn Gayle Foster: "The best part about "Ben's" is they have everything and the ladies and gentlemen working there are SO kind, helpful and FRIENDLY. I love just going by and walking around. The only problem with that, IS..... I always find things THAT I REALLY NEED for something. ;0) I luva luva luv it."

- Vicki Gagnon: "Love Ben Franklin!! My girls and I love going in here. We not only get our crafting supplies here but we get ideas for new projects. We have also gotten to try new things, like making the bracelets on Saturday mornings. What a great way for us to spend some time together. Thanks Ben Franklin!"

- Jean Duncan Foster: "BF has the friendliest staff. Always helpful. Good local business that does a lot for the community. Tuesday Sewing days are the best. It's one of my go-to local fabric shops. I can always find something to create."

- Letitia Monique Vander Meer: "I love to randomly come in with no intention and let my child just pick an activity for us to do! The girls up front are so nice and give my daughter a balloon too!"

- Lynn Schlosser: "Even though I come from Central Washington your shop is the one that I go to for putting together the decorations for the theme of my sheep display. I will be there ready to get my last minute goodies. Then before I head back I will be looking into photo journeying books for this year's Holiday presents. Don't let the Rabbit barn get all of the 12 x 12 cork boards before I get there."

- Cheryl Smith: "I finally found a craft I can stick to! (I think) After years of trying different types of projects that only held my interest for a short time, I am enjoying cross stitch, Thanks to a year or 2 ago, summer tent sale which included several kit that had everything in it. I am now attempting my first Cross stitch without the benefit of the kit and need supplies! $25 will buy a lot of cross stitch floss!"

- Denell Wilkins: "I always love Ben Franklin. They usually have everything I need for school and craft projects with great customer service thrown in."

- Lora Jennings: "Ben Franklin is my favorite place to shop for all of my craft needs and to get inspired with new ideas!!! "

- Nancy Neill Franke: "Thanks Ben Franklin , for being a part of our fair decorating and craft needs for so many years - makes the rabbit barn look great! "

- Marilyn Bosserman: I've been shopping at Ben Franklin for around 30 years, they have everything I could ever want in their store!


- I thought I would mention how great everyone in Monroe is. I stopped by there recently for project help, and I probably talked to just about everyone working the floor that day. Everyone was so helpful and friendly. Honestly, why go to Michael's -- Ben Franklin is so much better in so many ways.
Thanks again. Patti


- Hey Guys.... I just wanted to say how unbelievably impressed I was with the service, quality, and selection of your frame shop.  GiGi, you were so great! It literally didn't even take 5 minutes and the mat was cut and put in the frame and I was out the door! I called 3 other places and each of them quoted me more than double the price that you offered! I will forever be coming to you guys to frame all of my artwork and pictures! Thank you again so much GiGi, I'll never forget the kindness! Brittney

 - I have been a regular customer of your location for almost 4 years now... I am always able to find exactly what I am looking for and the employees are always pleasant and helpful. Though I have come to expect great service from your store, I would like to take some time to thank you and tell you of some incredible customer service that I received in your store today.

 -  Everyday for the last 6 years, I have worn a necklace that was handed down to me by my grandparents. It is something that is very important to me. The chain is very old and the clasp and hook were worn down and damaged. The rings holding the medallions to the chain were also in worn condition. Yesterday morning I noticed something shiny on my kitchen floor. I was shocked to see that it was one of the medallions from my necklace. I had not heard it fall off nor do I know when it fell off. I was worried about it happening somewhere outside my home where I might not be so lucky in recovering it. I did my best to put the medallion back on the necklace and then took it off for the day. The first place I thought to take it was to your store because of the large jewelery section, though I had never been in that part of the store. I don't know much of anything about jewelery but I knew that if someone could help me, it would be one of your employees.
    I arrived to your store this afternoon with my sister and began hunting around for what I thought I needed. At a loss on my own, I approached Charity at the jewelry counter. I pulled out the necklace and explained to her my concerns. Charity immediately took me over to the pieces that I would need and even made some suggestions on what might work even better. I have grown to trust your employees' knowledge and experience so I took her advice and decided to purchase what she suggested. While at the counter to make the purchase, and with a customer in line behind me, Charity offered to replace the pieces for me. Charity proceeded to take almost the next 10 minutes to make sure that I would not have any more issues with my necklace. I can't really express how relieved and grateful I was - not only that I didn't have to figure out how to do it on my own, but that I would not have to be concerned again with losing something that is so important to me.
    The two jewelry items I ended up purchasing were only $1.49 each, which made the experience that much more impressive because, though I was not spending much, Charity still went out of her way to help me. Now THAT is what I call incredible customer service!
     It is employees like Charity and experiences like this one that will keep me going out of my way to shop at your store. I hope you will acknowledge Charity for her high level of customer service and care and for the asset that she is to your company.
Sincerely and with many thanks, Kyle Bartholomew

- I was in the store earlier this week.  I am helping my niece with favors for her wedding.  Susan (in your bead department) was extremely helpful. I have mobility problems and she had me sit at the table in the
department.  She listened to what I was trying to do, came up with suggestions, products and ideas.  When I had decided what products I needed she said to just continue being seated she would ring everything up for me.  I could not have done all this without her help and being able to sit down.  I have always had great help with products in your store.  Because I have a hard time getting around I usually go into the store knowing what I want and I immediately ask for help to find the product.  I cannot walk or stand on my feet for very long at all so you should know what great help your employees are.
Thank you, Beckie Matyas


- I have been a loyal customer for over 20 yrs. I love Ben Franklin. I could spend hours just browsing. And when I do come into the store, new ideas and projects just flood my mind. And the aroma of the store is one of my favorite things. I have taken a class or 2. I always sign me and a friend up for the breast cancer "Scrap Pink." I also worked there for a short time, stocking the shelves for Christmas. I love the store and the employees are always very helpful and kind. Ruth Scogin


- I loved your store when visiting last week! People were so much fun! I wish Ben Franklin would consider putting a store in Smokey Point, Stanwood or Mt Vernon!! Thank you for a great visit! Patty Ney


- I wanted to say how much I enjoy your store. I came for the first time to a New Year's Day Mystery Quilt class on Jan 1, 2008. I immediately was welcomed to the store and treated like a queen. Every time I am in the store, EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE has been extremely friendly and helpful. I truely feel like a family member at the store. I now go there at least once a week for classes, or just to have fun shopping. Of course I always shop even if I just came for a class. One of my favorite people Is Ms. Janet Osborn. I feel she is a true friend and has always made me feel very special whenever I have been there. I can name many more employees that have really been extra helpful and friendly. Thank you for being there, and providing such a great place to shop. Jule Scott


- Had a great time at the Mother's Day Bead Class. We have both made a few of them since the class. The breakfast was a nice touch. Bambi Rehder


- I am an almost 80 yr. old crafter, even though I really don't do much sewing, crocheting or knitting anymore. But I remember how much fun it used to be to go out to Monroe -just to go to Ben Franklin. Of course, I'd always take a friend with me and we'd have lunch someplace and make 2/3's of a day out of it. I limit my driving now to local stores and really miss my trips to your store. I use DART, sometimes for trips, but they don't go as far as Monroe. I hope you'll add my name to your email list, even though it may not produce many trips out your way but it will keep me up to date with all the innovations in the "crafting" world. Joan Hay


- I just wanted to say that you have one of the cleanest, NEATEST, stores that I have been to in many years. I'm a quilter and your section on quilting has every item that a quilter needs. I'm especially happy that you are now going to have Roxanne Carter--she is my favorite teacher. I moved here 2 years ago from Florida with many unfinished projects and in the last year she has helped me finish almost all of them (at least 16 quilts)--what a good feeling. She designs many beautiful quilts and if I live long enough I want to make all of them. Fran Calafato


- I love your store! I wish you would open one in the Everett/Lynnwood region. I think for an overall craft store you are the best! (better than the chain stores by far). You have the best selection and best customer service! Will you consider a store in my area? Thanks! Vanessa


- I was able to find a little bit of everything! Great selection. My daughters and I loved all the available Classes and Make & Take opportunities! Please continue to offer these (especially on Saturday afternoons). Thank you. Marrissa Pleiman


- I'm already on your e-mail list. I absolutely love your store. It is the best craft store I have ever been in anywhere. Our son and his family live in Monroe and everytime we're there, I have to shop at Ben Franklin. I wish you were able to sell products on line. I wish we lived closer to your store. I am a big scrapbooker and quilter. I tell everyone that might be in your area about the store. Keep up the good work. Linda Moore


- My first visit was in 1979. I learned how to make the Mop Dolls there, made many of them, for gifts ect. We didn't need to go to another store for supplies, Bennie had them all!!! I love that store! Then, Tole Painting became the "thing to do". So again, back to Bennies for classes and supplies. Wonderful instructors for each and every class. Now the beaded jewelry seems to be the "in" thing! Nancy, Jeff and Carole are the MOST wonderful people, they're all SO helpful. I just love Ben Franklin (OH, just so much part of my life!). I have asthma and need hobbies that are easy to do, and can work at home on my projects, and with the help from Nancy, Jeff and Carole, it is made so easy for me!!! Thank you for all of the FUN years!! Faye Joel


- I worked in the Scrapbook corner and then became the candle manager as well as helped out on the register. Went to a few trade shows with Jayna and "the crew"! It was great to order new products and then be able to use your creative side to create new displays and of course make room for it! Also worked in Receiving from time to time with Sylvia. Feb 1999 to March 2001 Janet Osborn hired me and we still talk through email to this day! When I started Marylin was the manager and then I was lucky enough to work under Jayna when she became the manager. I think I helped out at one time or another in every department except the Frame Shop.


My husband Tim started on the Night Crew as a second job and then went full time to manage the warehouse and Outdoors Northwest through it's closing. Made several trips to Bonney Lake as well as helping to set up for trade shows and the fair. He also built a new Christmas light board which may still be in use today.


Does anyone remember being in Receiving when the order of ALL the Christmas candles came in?!! Oh the smell and sinus headache that followed along with only inches to spare for a walkway! Good times! What about the change of seasons that the Night Crew created. Christmas was always the best and most beautiful. The different colors in the floral department during the fall lit the store up. And who could forget the sidewalk sales!!!


We love Adrian and all of the Ben Franklin Family that we worked and played with. It was an awesome pleasure to work with such great people. We moved to the Reno area in the summer of 2001 to be closer to family and miss the Ben Franklin Family that we left behind. One of our greatest memories is when we were blessed by our coworkers/friends with hand made stockings and gifts for our 6 kids...Christmas 2000. We all truly believed in Santa Claus that year. Congratulations on the new space!!! Tim & April Sieben


- I am the coordinator for the Thimbleberries Quilting Club at the Monroe store and I also teach other quilting/sewing classes. Needless to say, I love Thimbleberries and the Monroe Ben Franklin provides the perfect atmosphere to conduct this club. They have great fabrics and patterns, provide great door prizes and show a willingness to try new things in the club. It is so much fun to come up with ideas for different things to do in club and also for retreats and everyone here is always as enthusiatic as I am. Sheila Hooper


- I have shopped at the Monroe Ben Franklin for about 28 years! My husband and I moved to Monroe and I immediately began to browse and buy at the old store in the MGO shopping center. I have bought lots of fabric and craft items and "tons" of miscellaneous merchandise over the years. It is special to know the people who have worked there through the years and be recognized by them when I shop. My sister-in-law worked there when she was in high school and I think it's great that the store has given many teens their first jobs. I have come to take the store for granted, but I know many people who make a special trip here from many miles away just to shop there. I am really thankful that "my" Ben Franklin store has always been there for me! Pam Wheatley


- As a wedding planner, I frequent stores that offer unique crafting ideas and products. My husband also helps research areas, and he located purple statice I have been looking for. We arrived to pick them up, and I saw the most wonderful green crystal strands, AND they were on sale! I am doing a wedding at Beau Lodge using green and purples as the theme, and these crystals will be the focus, refracting crystal green lights in the candle garden. Thank you Ben Franklin! Barbara Kinney, Seattle, WA - Lcc Wedding Planner 1980


- My very first experience at Ben Franklin was in the late 70's when the store was in the shopping center by the big smoke stack. It was a true variety store, crammed full of all kinds of goodies. I came in looking for fabric, and boy, did I find a lot more! I met Janet and we became friends. I began making samples to hang in the fabric dept. and was a real regular. When the new store opened in the late 80's I was hired to work in the fabric dept. I loved working with the Ben Franklin family and customers. I also worked in the hard craft area and eventually ended up as craft class coordinator. I continued making samples to display in different areas of the store. I learned new crafts and even taught classes. Yes, I have been a member of 'the' family for a long time.

I moved to Oregon for 3 years and the first time I came into the store when I came back to Washington was like an old homecoming. It was always fun to come in and see everyone and how the store has changed over the years. Ben Franklin always has great displays, merchandise, ideas and most of all friendly, helpful employees. I can't wait to see what's next. Linda Davis, Everett, WA


- I began shopping here I think in about 1980 at a time when I was an "at home" mom with 3 children under the age of 12. My crafts were an escape for me from constant household duties and also an area of expertise I opened up for the kids at the time. The trips from north Seattle to Monroe were also an "adventure" for us, kind of like a day trip.

A few years later these same activities became a means of income for the household when we really needed it. I sold at craft shows and stores and was always looking for bargains on supplies. Ben Franklin became an excellent, reliable source for me.

Fast forward through 15 years of a divorce, education, then a very heavy, stressful workload in the professional world which gave me no time for extra activities, thus no Ben Franklin. Now there is today where illness and disease has forced me out of that work world. My current diagnosis and disease would make it very easy for me to stay home and "hibernate", but I knew that would not help me very well so I looked back at what made me feel good in the past and was relaxing, hence CROCHET has been my escape! This has become therapy for sore, achy joints and with the classes and now Yarn Yoga which I attend regularly, a means of socialization, relaxation, forming new friendships and getting me out of the house on a regular basis!

I totally appreciate Donna, Linda, Mandy, Darcy when she was here, and the many other Ben Franklin employees I don't know the names of. They are always friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and help make the store a comfortable, friendly place to be. The low or no cost classes have improved my skills and taught me new ones and one of the greatest gifts you have assisted in is that 2 of my 3 daughters have now learned to crochet also with informal "coaching" through Yarn Yoga!

I have been able to give input about the new store space and classroom and people have listened to my ideas and suggestions. When I have looked for items not available, Linda has been able to order the items and get them within 2 weeks usually. The store and people are great, here's to another 30 years! Vicki Eames, Lake Forest Park, WA


- I have loved Ben Franklin since I was a kid and growing up in rural Minnesota. It was the best trip to town. Better than A&W at times... My grandmothers were both crafters and tried all of it! When they both knitted and crocheted, NOTHING went uncovered in our homes. I have always loved the variety and pricing of Ben Franklin and they have kept their stores family oriented and updating as the years have progressed. I remember the day the store closed in our town, we were devastated. I think there was a memo at church that following Sunday. Most had to travel to next towns or counties to get their crafting supplies. Keep up the great work and I can't wait for the new section to get completed! More stuff to clutter my increasing scrapbooking area. I LOVE IT! Thanks! A true customer for many years, Janice


- Oh, I just can't wait to see the added space to the Quilt Shop in real soon for us to have the classes with more roomy elbows freely!!! Love to meet new friends, share with their talented experiences of quilts of their own creations. God cherishes you to care with us! Susan


- I love coming to your store since moving back to Washington in 1996. When almost all the other Ben Franklins are closing, YOU are expanding. That is absolutly the best! I appreciate that I can find "different" fabrics and other craft supplies not carried by other chain stores. You always feed my creativity cravings and give me new ideas. Thank you so much for providing such great service to your customers. Congrats on your expansion project. Cathy Jensen, Kent, WA