Floral / Decor


We have a huge selection of glassware. Come in to see what would fit your décor!


Step 1: Choose your favorite glass container from the many sizes and styles we have to offer.

Step 2: Add a layer to cover the bottom of your glassware, anything from moss to rocks to marbles or all of the above!

Step 3: Add your main attraction.

Step 4: Don’t forget to check out all the embellishments we carry for your beautiful displays including birds, butterflies, and more!

Step 5: Display your wonderful creation for everyone to see.

Glass vase: Add rocks, moss and greens!

Add moss, rocks and green stems!

Glass vase - add flowers!

Simply add a flower stem!



Glass vase - add flowers and moss

Add moss, flower stems, and branches!


Glass vase - add decorative balls

Add decorative balls!

Glassware - add flowers!

A single stem keeps the look simple!



We have a huge selection of glassware!