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Custom Framing

Our framing team are all working artists in addition to being career framers. Their years of expertise guarantee the very best service in custom framing and ready-made frame choices. They will not only work with your framing ideas, but are also able to build in-house a custom frame unique to your project. Adding complex shapes, hand painting across the mat or frame - all possible by our staff! (see some ideas here)

Did you know that our Frame Shop is an award-winning design shop? We have framed for award-winning artists, framed pieces for the Governor's Mansion in Olympia, and for top selling galleries in Las Vegas and New York. Some of our framed pieces also hang in corporate collections and conference rooms from Bellevue to Chicago. Come down and meet our team that has decades of experience and a sincere desire to wow you with design ideas and fine craftsmanship.

When you bring your precious artwork or photos to us to be framed it never leaves our building. Other stores outsource the framing jobs and that can mean lost or damaged art. Your valued art always stays in the same department while it is expertly framed.





Regional Framing Competition WINNER

Our Ben Franklin Frame Shop framers participated in the Framers Inventory Framing Contest twice and won both times for their creativity and unique framing style! In 2014, they won 2nd prize, and in 2016 they won 1st prize. The contest included framers from 4 states: Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Alaska. As you can see, our Frame Shop has so much more to offer than cookie cutter frames! (check out this video where Brad shows you these two pieces)

Winner of 1st prize (2016): We used a textured mat that matched Ian McRae's photography. We took chunks and cut out pieces of that same textured mat and placed them in the interior to mimic the chunky rocks in the image.

Winner of 2nd prize (2014): Individual little pieces were cut and used in a mosaic pattern to create a solid frame. Colorful moulding pieces were also added to the frame itself to get the sense that the lines striking sideways were extending the art into the frame itself.

Winner of 1st and 2nd place for Best Framer in the




Unique Gift Idea

If you are looking for a unique gift, this could be it! Did you know that our award-winning design team can create a unique frame or shadowbox to display precious memorabilia? Surprise a loved one by having us frame some things that they may have been storing in a box in the closet for years.

Award-Winning Custom Framing Team


Seahawks Shadowbox


Seahawks Shadowbox





Scratch Repairs

Our in-house artist performs painting repairs for scratches and minor blemishes.

Painting Repairs to art prints