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Slime Time!

Kids are going crazy for slime! This is a great project for them to make at a party, or a weekend craft time with friends or family. They will want their slime in many colors and glitters, so make sure to come in to get all your supplies before you get started. Our selection of Elmer's Glues is at its best, so grab plenty of bottles on your way out! We have multiple slime recipes available at the store, so pick up a copy before you leave.

Slime Supplies




Butter Slime Made With Crayola Model Magic

The squishy, nontoxic modeling dough is a perfect addition to your slime creations!

The Crayola company came out with an easy butter slime recipe, find it on our blog here.

Butter Slime made with Crayola Model Magic


Of course, we have the Crayola Model Magic dough! Mix it with your slime to get a buttery texture.

Crayola Model Magic Dough




Slime Headquarters

We have all the supplies you'll need to make slime this summer, so come in and pick up a new recipe and grab everything you'll want for your next SLIME TIME! Elmer's Glue in glitter, glow in the dark and traditional, slime ballz, glitters, how-to books, beads and much more.

Slime supplies

Slime Supplies





Steve Spangler's Super Slime Kits

If you prefer to keep your hands clean, you may want to get the Steve Spangler's Super Slime kits. You'll be able to create slimy work of art that turns into a real, dried sculpture! Kids will have hands-on fun while they learn about polymers and UV reactive formulas by mixing liquids. It makes a perfect batch every time!

Steve Spangler's Super Slime Kits





Have fun making slime!

Add beads, PolyBeads and little treasures to your slime recipe!

Click here for a Borax-Free Slime Recipe.

Slime Textures





Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty

Not sure you want to deal with making slime? The Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty is a great alternative to that ooey gooey slime that you can use to relieve stress. And if you need something to keep your hands busy so you're not fidgeting around all the time, this is it! We have many colors available, and we also have this kit that allows you to create your own colors!

Aaron's Thinking Putty