Monroe Store


Class policies:

  1. Class fees are non-refundable unless;

    A. The class is cancelled by the store, or

    B. You call at least 48 hours in advance and get a cancelation number from Customer Service.

    C. We will excuse one emergency situation per year and allow a class transfer to be credited within a 60 day period. After 60 days credit will be forfeited. All transfers, cancelations, credits, no shows and refunds are logged and accounted for.

  2. Classes are subject to cancellation 48 hours in advance if the minimum enrollment is not met. Advanced sign ups are recommended.

    A. Students will be notified by the instructor immediately if the class has been canceled.

  3. Supplies are not included in the class fee, unless otherwise noted.

  4. We currently offer a 15% Class Supplies discount for students.

    A. You should receive the supply list and coupon when you sign up for the class in-store.

    B. If you signed up online, show your receipt to receive the supply list with coupon. Show this at the register to receive your discount.

  5. Pets are not allowed in the classrooms with the exception of service animals.

  6. Children are not allowed in the classrooms unless they are taking a classoffered for children.

    A. Children are not to be left unattended in the store while you are in class.

  7. There is a 15 minute grace period for tardiness.

    A. Instructor will allow you to attend the remainder of the class but will not start over and cover what was missed.

    B. After 15 minutes, you are now considered a No Show and fees are non-refundable at this point. Instructors will not allow participation due to disrupting and taking away from the remaining paid students in class that showed up on time.


If you have any questions, please contact the Class Coordinator at:360-794-6745 ext 1107


E-commerce Security

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