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How to Hang and Care for your Pictures

Hanging a work of art is not complicated, but it is a specialized task that can challenge even an expert. To accomplish the job yourself, you should work with a willing helper and follow these detailed instructions. We strongly recommend using picture hooks rather than nails to guard against the possibility that a painting will accidentally be knocked off the wall.

How to Hang Your Picture
1. Determine exactly where you wish to hang your artwork and locate a stud in the wall.

2. Using your index fingers, hold the framed art by the picture wire, approximately 12" apart. Have an assistant measure the distance from your fingers to the top of the frame. Write down this measurement.

3. Hold the framed image against the wall at the proper height and measure the distance between the top of the frame and your ceiling. Write down this measurement.

4. Add the two measurements obtained above to determine the total vertical distance between the ceiling and the position of your picture hooks.

5. Determine where you want the center of the width of your framed piece to be on the wall. Place a small mark on the wall using that center point and the measurement from step 4.

6. From this point, measure 6" out on each side of the mark to determine where each hook should be place.

7. Hang your picture, making sure that the wire catches on both hooks. Use a carpenter's level to ensure that the picture is level.

Display Tips:
- Large pictures look best in the center of your primary wall - a wall that catches the eye of someone entering the room.

- Your painting looks best when it hangs at eye level (this is called museum hanging), which means that the center of the canvas should be about 60" above the floor.

- When you hang your painting over a couch or other large furniture piece, the general rule is to allow 6" to 8" above the furniture, even if this is higher than described above.