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Our Frame Shop Team

Our professional framers are here to help you frame your pictures, memorabilia and much more. Come in for a free estimate!

WHY CHOOSE US? Our team of experts will not only work with your framing ideas, but are also able to build in-house a custom frame unique to your project. When you bring your artwork or photos to us to be framed it never leaves our building. Other stores outsource the framing jobs and that can mean lost or damaged art. Your valued art always stays in the same department while it is expertly framed.

Frame Shop Team




Framed Picasso art by Ben Franklin Crafts and Frame Shop, Monroe, WA


Framed Picasso Artwork

by Ben Franklin Crafts and Frame Shop, Monroe, WA.


When you decide to have your valuable art framed (like these Picasso pieces!) you need an experienced framer that you can trust!

Our Frame Shop is the place to go!

We don't send your artwork out but do it all in house so it's safe with us during the entire framing process.

Come in for a free estimate and to meet Danny and his team!
















Artistry Designs Frames

A certified women's business enterprise that makes all their wood frames in the USA!

Artistry Designs Frames





Metal & Acrylic Prints

Have your photos printed on polished acrylic or metal. Come in for a quote.

Metal or Acrylic prints





Paint by Numbers Art Kits

We have some amazing designs! Add a frame and hang it!

Paint by Numbers







Double Mouldings

Create a unique picture frame using double mouldings. By adding an inner moulding you can give depth to your projects.

Picture Frame with double mouldings




Shadowbox: Unique Gift Idea

If you are looking for a unique gift, this could be it! Did you know that our expert framing team can create a unique frame or shadowbox to display precious memorabilia? Surprise a loved one by having us frame some things that they may have been storing in a box in the closet for years.

Shadowbox - unique gift




Stack-It-Up Moulding

Create a one-of-a-kind piece when you "Stack-It-Up" using your choice of mouldings. This is a great way to truly customize your design and create interest by combining different textures and patterns. Stacking provides an opportunity to tie the mouldings together with the color scheme of the art.

Stack-It-Up Moulding