Ben Franklin in Bonney Lake, WA
19505 Hwy 2, Monroe, WA 98272 / 360-794-6745

Sized-To-Fit / Make-It-Yourself
Metal Frames
Frame any unusual size - 6 to 40 inches

Purchase the hardware & 2 sets of sides to fit the dimension of your print.
Half sizes not available.

Supplies needed
Can fit pictures from
6 to 40 inches!
Frames are available in Gold, Silver or Black
(Half sizes not available)

Put the frame together as
shown below and you're ready
to hang your new hand-made frame!
Sides and Hardware available at our Monroe store

Click on each image to enlarge
Hardward for one corner Get familiar with the hardware objects.
Object A should be under object B.
(click on picture to have a close up view)
Put hardward in Slide object A and B into frame channels.
Screw hardware in Screw down to fix in place. Repeat this step with 2 corners.
Slide layers inside Slide glass, your picture and backing into the frame.
Put last side Repeat step 1, 2 and 3 to do the last 2 corners.
Insert spring clips Insert spring clips into framing behind backing board to keep the glass & backing from being too loose inside the frame.
Put hooks Slide hangers into channel on both sides of the frame about 1/3 down the frame. Screw into place. Wrap wire through holes and twist wire around itself to finish it off.
Finished Frame