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Fall / Halloween (click on the picture to open the pdf copy of the project)


Project: Skull Candlestick - Download Instructions HERE

Skull and Candlestick

Project: Today I'm Thankfull for... using a wood slate board - Download Instructions HERE

Today I'm Thankful for...

Using a wood slate board (unique to Ben Franklin Crafts & Frame Shop)

Slatboard Sold HERE


Project: Eek Picture Frame - download instructions HERE

Eek Picture Frame

Project: Boo Wall Art - Download Instructions HERE

Boo Wall Art

Project: Grapevine Snake Wreath - Download Instructions HERE

Grapevine Snake Wreath

Supplies available at our Bonney Lake store.

Project: Batty Treat Holder - Download Instructions HERE

Batty Treat Holder


Mummy Face Mask


Project: Ghost Face Mask - Download Instructions HERE

Ghost Face Mask

Project: Frankenstein Canvas - Download Instructions HERE

Frankenstein Canvas


Project: Feathers & Skeleton Wreath - Download Instructions HERE

Feathers & Skeleton Wreath

Project: Mummy Canvas - Download Instructions HERE

Mummy Canvas

Project: Thanks Votive Candles - Download Instructions HERE

Thanks Votive Candles

Project: Autumn Leaves Jar Lantern - Download Instructions HERE

Autumn Leaves Jar Lantern


Project: Candy Corn Cone - Download Instructions HERE

Candy Corn Cone

Project: Googly Eyes Geo Mesh Wreath - CLICK HERE

Googly Eyes Geo Mesh Wreath




Project: Halloween Geo Mesh Tree - CLICK HERE

Geo Mesh Tree

Project: Spider Web Frame - CLICK HERE

Spider Web Frame

Project: Geo Mesh Pumpkin Wreath - CLICK HERE

Geo Mesh
Pumpkin Wreath


Project: Fall Star - Download Instructions HERE

Fall Metal Star


Project: Burlap Rose Wreath - CLICK HERE

Burlap Rose Wreath


Project: Witch's Warts - Download Instruction HERE

Witch's Warts



Project: Halloween Tea Towels - CLICK HERE

Halloween Tea Towels


Project: Tin Embossed Star - CLICK HERE

Tin Embossed Star


Project: Halloween Cone Projects - CLICK HERE

Halloween Cone Projects

Project: Halloween Candy Jars - CLICK HERE

Halloween Candy Jars

Project: Transferring a Stamped Image onto a Candle - CLICK HERE

Transferring a Stamped
Image onto a Candle

Project: Spooky Lighted Branch - CLICK HERE

Spooky Lighted Branch

Project: Halloween Dress Form - CLICK HERE

Halloween Dress Décor

Project: Halloween Candy Bar - CLICK HERE

Halloween Candy Bar

Project: Brewing Magical Potions - CLICK HERE

Brewing Magical Potions

Project: Creepy Blocks - CLICK HERE

Creepy Blocks

Project: Magical Spell Book - CLICK HERE

Magical Spell Book

Project: Fa-BOO-lous Wreath - CLICK HERE

Fa-BOO-lous Wreath




Project: No-Sew Fabric Banner - CLICK HERE

No-Sew Fabric Banner


Project: Photo Blocks with a Spooky Twist - CLICK HERE

Photo Blocks with a Spooky Twist

Project: Fall Burlap Wreath - CLICK HERE

Fall Burlap Wreath

click here
Cowgirl Wig


Project: Glowing Skull - CLICK HERE

Glowing Skull


click here
Merry Monster


Project: YoYo Halloween Tree - CLICK HERE

YoYo Halloween Tree



click here

Sculpey Ghost

click here
Stiffy Ghosts

click here
Halloween Glass Ball Ornaments

click here
Sculpey Candy Corn
Photo Holder or Magnet

click here
Pumpkin Patch
made with the Knifty Knitter

click here
Sculpey Eraser Clay

click here
Candy Corn Treat Box

click here
Halloween Pail

click here
Ghostly Windsock

click here
Mummy Pots

click here
Halloween /
Trick or Treat Can

click here
Witch Boxes

click here
Sculpey Eraser Clay
Baby Bat

click here
Halloween Basket

click here
Flower Pot Scarecrow

click here
Glittering Halloween Centerpieces