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Double Bunny-Ear Blanket

fleece Bunny ear BlanketMaterials Needed:
1-1/3 yards baby print fleece or solid
1-1/3 yards coordinate fleece solid
(Finished Size: 45” x 45” (including “ears”)

1. Cut each fleece to 48” x 48”.

2. Place fleece layers wrong sides together, offsetting the direction of stretch in each layer.

- To find the right side of fleece, gently stretch it along the cut edge on the crossgrain (direction of most stretch). The fleece will curl to the wrong side.

- Place the fleece layers such that the stretchiest direction of the top layer is opposite the stretchiest direction of the bottom layer. This offset will result in a nice “bunny ear” when pulling the fringe through the slit.

3. Cut out and remove 5” squares from all four corners, cutting both layers at the same time.

4. Cut fringe 5” long and 2-1/2” fringe width as needed.

5. Cut the top 2” of each fringe into a point, to look like a “picket fence”. (Through both layers at once.)

6. Cut a 1/2” slit at the bottom edge in the center of each fringe. (Through both layers at once.)

- For an easy way to cut the slit, use a small 18mm rotary cutter or a buttonhole cutter.

- Do not make slit wider than 1/2”. (The slit must be narrow to “pinch” the fabric, thus forming the bunny ear, and to hold the bunny ear in place.)

7. Insert each double fringe point into the slit. Feed from the contrast layer side and pull the double fringe through the main side.

- Serger tweezers work great for pulling the double fringe through the slit.

fleece Bunny ear Blanket - pattern

The above directions are reprinted, with permission, from Nancy Cornwell’s More Plolar Magic book by Krause Publications.

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