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Red Button Bracelet
designed by Jeff Proffit

Bead project for Valentine's Day - Red Button Bracelet

1 - 22mm red shank button
20 size 11 pink seed beads
70 size 8 red seed beads
14 - 5mm metal heart beads
28 - 6mm crystal bicones
1 silver 2 strand clasp
8 - 2mm silver crimp beads
4 silver clamshell bead tips
30" Beadalon 49 strand bright stringing wire, .38mm

1. Cut wire in half. Set one piece to the side.

2. Slip wire through the shank of the button and center. You should have two wire ends.

3. On each wire string 1 size 11 bead, 1 size 8 bead, 1 size 11 bead, 1 size 8 bead, 1 size 11 bead, 1 size 8 bead and 1 size 11 bead.

4. On one wire, add a bicone. Pass the other wire through in the opposite direction and pull tight.

5. On each wire, strand 1 size 8 bead, 1 bicone and 1 size 8 bead.

6. One one wire, strand a heart bead. Pass the other wire through in the opposite direction and pull tight.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 six more times. This will give you a seven-inch bracelet when it is completed.

8. When you finish the last loop for this side, strand 1 size 8 bead and 1 size 11 bead on one side.

9. Strand 1 crimp bead, 1 clamshell tip and 1 additional crimp bead.

10. Skipping the last crimp bead, run the wire back through the clamshell tip and the crimp bead. Pull the wire tight.

11. Crimp the crimp bead around the two wires. Trim any excess wire and finally close the clamshell tip.

12. Repeat steps 8 to 11 for the other wire and attach half of your clasp.

13. Using the half of wire you put to the side earlier, repeat steps 2 to 11 for the other half of your bracelet.

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