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4 Snowman Head Projects
Create by Teresa Burkholder

Project: Snowman Head Projects

Project #1 - Shadow Box Frame Snowman
Shadow Box Frame SnowmanSUPPLIES:
1 snowman head ornament
White shadow box or frame
Mitten ornaments
1 sheet white glitter felt
White shreds
Hot glue (Low temp is fine too)
Your favorite embellishments or photos

1. Cut felt to fit inside the shadow box. Pin in.
2. Put shreds in shadowbox at the bottom (like snow).
3. Glue the mittens at the top of the frame (thumbs up!)
4. Glue the snowman head ornament to the top of the frame. Hint: Sand bottom of ornament to get a flat surface to glue. Fill the shadow box with your favorite embellishments or photos.

Project #2 - Paint Can Snowman
Paint Can SnowmanSUPPLIES:
1 snowman head ornament
1 paint can
White acrylic paint
2-3 yards of red and white striped wide florist ribbon
Crafters glue or double-sided tape
Hot glue
2 - 12" x 12" pieces of scrapbooking paper in Christmas prints.

1. Paint edges of paint can with white acrylic paint, you may need 2 coats. Let dry.
2. Paper A each 3" x 12" strip, 1 each 3" x 2" strip and 1 each 3" circle.
3. Paper B each 3" x 12" strip and 1 each 3" x 2" strip
4. With the crafters glue or double-sided tape adhere paper A strips to top rim of paint can and paper A circle to lid. Gently tear one edge of paper B strips and adhere to bottom edge of can (Layering over paper A).
5. With hot glue attach florist ribbon to the bottom edge of the tin on top of paper B.
6. Make a flat style bow with florist ribbon and attach to lid with hot glue. Hot glue snowman ornament on top of bow. Hint: Sand bottom of ornament to get a flat surface to glue.

Project #3 - Mint Box Snowman
Mint Box SnowmanSUPPLIES:
1 snowman head ornament
1 - 8" round paper mache box
1 - 5" round paper mache box
Acrylic paints, Red & White
Hot glue or crafters glue
Clear cellophane
4 twist ties or wire

1. Paint paper mache boxes and lids white (2 coats), let dry.
2. Sketch lines with a pencil to make box look like a starlight mint candy.
3. Paint red candy stripes (2 coats)
4. Wrap lids of boxes like a piece of candy using cellophane and twist ties (or wire). Secure to underside with tape. Note: Be sure to wrap the lid loose enough so it will still fit on the box. Glue snowman head ornament on top. Hint: Sand bottom of ornament slightly to get a flat surface to glue.

Project #4 - Mason Jar Snowman
Mason Jar SnowmanSUPPLIES:
1 snowman head ornament
1 Mason Jar with twist on lid
2 yards red and white decorative ribbon
8" square or circle snowflake fabric
5-6 fat quarters in red and white prints
Hot glue gun

1. Remove lid from mason jar. Hot glue top of lid to center/middle of 8" square or circle of fabric.
2. Roll fat quarters and place upright in mason jar.
3. Return lid to jar and tie with decorative ribbon. Optional: Glue ribbon to fabric.
4. Hot glue snowman head ornament to top of jar lid. Hint: Sand bottom of ornament to get a flat surface to glue.

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