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Spoon Sun Catcher
Using spare beads and an old spoon can brighten up any window, sun room or deck with this unique sun catcher.

Spoon Sun Catcher
Materials Needed:
Sterling Silver Spoon
Spare beads or crystals, any bead that will reflect light.
Crimp beads
Toggle clasp
Bead Board
Beading wire (7 strand Beadalon)

Drill one hole at the top (handle) of your spoon and 3 at the edges of the bottom part of the spoon.  (drill as many holes as you wish).

2. Cut 4 pieces of wire. One for the top of your spoon for the hanger and 3 for the bottom of the spoon for the dangles. In this project we cut the same size wire for the 2 side dangles and one more a few inches longer for the center dangle. The length of the dangles is up to you!

3. Run the wire through the drilled holes and connect using crimp beads.

4. String your  favorite beads in your favorite order.

5. On the string that attaches to the handle, add a toggle for you to hang your sun catcher with.

Tip: use a bead board to lay out your design on. That way you will have an idea what your sun catcher will look like!


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