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Glues: Which One Should I Use?

With a vast variety of glues, choosing the right one for your project can be a little overwhelming.

How do you know which one to use for... Paper? Wood? Glass? Fabric?

You will find below a list of glues and what to use them on. Also, our craft gurus shared on our blog their favorites and on what surface they use them. Read our blog.




Aleene’s Jewel-It - Embellishing Glue: Bonds hard-to-hold items such as plastic, metal, glass, beads, rhinestones, pearls, and sequins to fabric. Holds jewels permanently through repeated washing.

Aleene’s OK To Wash It: For a permanent fabric bond. Bonds ribbon, trims, appliqués and more to fabric. Okay to wash items with this adhesive.

Aleene’s Tacky Glue: An all-purpose glue for crafts, hobbies and household repairs. Versatile and durable.

All Purpose Hot Glue: Glues on metal, wood, fabric, magnets, and plastic. Use low temperature (low setting) glue guns for bonding delicate materials including balloons, ribbon, lace and children crafts.

Api’s Crafters Pick - The Glue that Sticks! A high performance adhesive formulated especially to give a flexible water resistant bond to difficult to glue surfaces. Dries fast and clear. Adheres to plastic, metals, ceramics, vinyl, glass, pained and varnished surfaces, wood, fabrics, leather and more! Non-toxic water base contact cement. Dries clear and immediately adheres.

Beacon CraftFoam Glue:  Easy clean-up. CraftFoam Glue is the best non-toxic glue formulated to bond craft foam, safe and easy to use, CraftFoam Glue lets you create kids’ crafts, holiday decoration, school projects and so much more! Simply apply CraftFoam Glue to one surface, let dry, and bond the pieces together.

Beacon Kids Choice Glue: Great for paper, wood, felt, leather, shells, beads, sand, fabric, cork, glitter, paper-mache, wiggle eyes, cardboard, tiles and more! Non toxic, instant grab, water clean-up, no-run. 

Beacon Quick Grip: Quick grab, quick dry, super strong. Water and weather proof, flexible and paintable, crystal clear. Bonds, mends and repairs: plastic, wood, paper, rubber, ceramics, metal fabrics, leather, glass, and concrete.

E-6000 Permanent Bond: Permanent Bond, water-proof, non-flammable, photo safe. Great for glass, wood, plastics, tile, metal, ceramic, rubber, cement, vinyl, leather, fabric, and styrofoam.

Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Glue Gel:  Ideal for outdoor wood projects, furniture, and repairs.

Elmer’s Cement Stix-All: Dries clears, stays clear. Water resistant, adheres to plastic, glass, metal and wood. For indoor and outdoor use. Solvent free - no VOCs.

Elmer’s Craft Bond: Rubber Cement: Temporary or Permanent Bond, includes applicator, dries clear, great for photos and art mountings.

Elmer’s Glue All: Dries strong, dries clear, safe, non-toxic, adjustable before setting. Use on materials such as paper and cloth, and semi-porous materials such as wood and pottery.

Elmer’s Spray Adhesive:  Great for Photos, Foil, Wood, Canvas, Fabrics, Cork, Films, Leather, Paper, Metal, Felt, Rubber, Glass, Plastics, Cardboard, and Foams. Strong and water resistant, Elmer’s SPRAY Glue provides permanent or temporary bond on a wide variety of materials. Will not swell or warp. Resists “bleed through.”

Elmer’s Super Glue: Bonds in seconds. Repairs crystal, china, photo equipment, sporting goods, auto accessories, household products and toys.

EZ Runner -Scrapbook Adhesive: Guaranteed to be archival safe, acid free, acrylic based, lignin free and PAT tested and approved.

Glue Dots: (Removable and Permanent)  They stick as long as you need them to, and/or can be removed easily when you are through with them. All Glue Dots products are non-toxic, acid-free, lignin-free and archival quality. They’re great for bonding paper, plastic, wood, metal, polymer clay and more to craft projects, scrapbook pages, rubber stamping, kids' school projects and more. 

Goo Gone: Eliminates gummy, gooey, sticky problems. Pre test on inconspicuous areas. Do not use on silk, leather, suede, or rubber. Great for eliminating crayons on the wall, gum on the carpet, stickers or adhesives on items, tree sap, wax, and lipstick stains.

Gorilla Super Glue:  Bonds metal, wood, ceramics, most plastics and more!

Helmar V2: Vellum Adhesive: Helmar V2 Vellum adhesive is the ideal alternative to tapes and other glues that are always seen in some way through the vellum paper. V2 will hold your vellum, embossed vellum, ribbon, acetate, paper, textured cardstock, down flat and cannot be seen. Vastly improving the look of your scrapbook or memory album. V2 has no smell, dries clear and menial overspray.

Mod Podge:
 Use on all surfaces, non toxic. Waterbase sealer, glue and finish. Great for puzzles, paper, and sealing items.

Pioneer Photo Glue Stick: Permanently bonds photos to most surfaces. Non toxic, child safe, dries clear. Excellent for scrapbooking.

Ribbon Glue -by Making Memories:
Ideal choice for all your ribbon projects.

Stainable Wood Filler: This filler works with both oil based stains and water stains for wood and it works great with wood repairs such as with repairing cracks, nail holes and other small defects in indoor and outdoor wood.

Terrifically Tacky Tape: Truly, a terrific double-sided tape in roll form! It's industrial strength with an instant bond which increases over a 24-hour period to maximum bond. Commonly used on paper to paper, beads, glitter, etc. to paper or other surface, embellishments to ornamental fabric items, plastic or metal to paper and paper, plastic or metal to wood.

Tombow Liquid Glue:  Ideal for paper, cardboard, photos, etc.

Tombow Mono Adhesive: Quick permanent bond instantly glues all types of artwork, photos, and more. Refillable. Adhesive bonds instantly, cleanly, and wrinkle free. Ideal use for memory albums and archival materials.

Zip Dry Paper Glue: Fast Drying glue for paper arts. Acid and Lignin free, wrinkle free, and dries clear. Bonds: beads, glitter, wire and metal findings to paper.