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Paint SuppliesBrushes
We carry durable brushes for every type of painting media.  Each brush is shaped to produce unique painting techniques.  Sold separately or in packages.

Brush Cleaner
Cleans, preserves, and conditions brushes

Palette Knife
Available with trowel and straight stainless steel blades. Mix spread and apply color on your palette directly on the painting surface. Manipulate paint strokes and texture with ease. Also ideal for scraping and cleaning up.

Acrylic Gesso
Primer for canvas, hardwood, and more. For use under acrylic colors and oil colors. Will not yellow or crack.

Additive Retarder
Increases the working time of acrylic paints.

Gel Medium
Mix with acrylic color. Extends paint volume while increasing transparency. Produces a brilliant gloss or matte, retains crisp brush strokes, and slows drying time while enhancing blending.

Matte Medium
Mix with acrylic colors. Lowers gloss and viscosity of heavy colors.

Texture Gel
Mix with acrylic paint to thicken the consistency and add texture.

Blending Medium
Mix with acrylic color. Slows drying, thins color, improves blending and transparency. Dries clear and glossy.

Oil Colour
Quick drying medium for oil and alkyd colors. Improves flow and transparency while smoothing brush work. Used for detail, blending, and glazing.

Linseed Oil
Oil painting medium. Improves flow and increases gloss.

Copal Painting Medium
Oil painting medium. Speeds drying, improves flow, and increases gloss.

Liquid Frisket
Provides protection under watercolor, gouache, ink, etc.

Paint Thinners and Turpentine
For use in all types of artist oil, oil based paints, and varnishes. Also used as a solvent for cleaning and soaking brushes.

Made for all art mediums. Protects and seals art. Fixatives available in matte or glossy.

Protects against wood and select mediums. Guards against scratches, dirt, moisture, and scuffing.

Mess Master
Cleans up paint and overspray and blends colors for unique finishes.




DrawingBlending Stump Smudge or blend marks made with charcoal, Conte crayon, pencil or other drawing media.

Slightly smaller than a blending stump. Produces different textures than stumps when blending charcoal, Conte crayon, pencil, or other drawing media.

Erasing Shield
Stainless steel shield made to isolate areas for precision erasing.

We have erasers specific for all types of media including charcoal, chalk, pencil, pastel and more.

Sharpeners made to fit various pencil sizes

Artist Tape
Repositionable, Non-staining, and acid-free.


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