Paper Crafts


Late Night Scrappin' - Scrapbooking ClubCrop Night


Second Saturday of the month from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Check our calendar to confirm the dates


Some snacks provided. Optional Potluck! Bring a dish if you like!

Fee: $15 (receive a $5 coupon the day of the event). You'll have access to our die cut machines available on the main floor.

Each month customers come and cut, paste, design and embellish for several hours! There is much laughter, advice and good old fashioned girl-talk going on. (Of course, guys are always welcome, too!)

Sometimes there’s more to it than just putting pictures in a book. Our scrappers are making heirlooms and building amazing relationships with other people that share their enthusiasm for their wonderful craft. Some of our ladies just bring in the project they are working on at the moment, and others look like they’ve temporarily moved in! But these ladies don't just stay up in our classrooms and work like little bees, oh no, they are down in the store shopping for those fantastic little add-ons that just make their page sing!

Please come and join in the fun!