31 Crafting Tips

31 Crafting Tips for National Craft Month

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting out on your DIY journey, we’re here to support you with a list of 31 crafting tips for National Craft Month that will elevate your projects to new heights.

From clever hacks for repositioning hot-glued items to innovative techniques for reviving dried-out markers, our comprehensive guide covers a wide range of crafting essentials.

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Scroll down as we unveil 31 crafting tips (in no particular order) that will help you make your crafting projects perfect every time. 🎨✂️🌟

1. To reposition a hot-glued item, warm the glue with a heat embossing gun, and then it will come loose.

2. Coat Spanish moss lightly with white glue and place it where you want it. By doing this, the glue sticks it into place and dries clear.

3. Always store your ink pads flat and with the ink side down to keep them moist for better stamping.

4. Remove little “fuzzies” and bumps after your basecoat paint has dried by “sanding” your surface with a brown paper bag. 

5. For an energetic look to your scrapbooking page, tilt your photos slightly to create “movement.”

6. Wrap ribbons around your focal-point photo on your scrapbook page to add emphasis.

7. Lubricate craft punches before using them by punching wax paper.

8. Keep your sterling silver and silver-plated beads and jewelry in a Ziplock bag to prevent tarnishing.

9. Use metal cookie cutters to press fun shapes into a 1/2″ thick sheet of STYROFOAM Brand Foam, then dip your shape in paint for various crafts.

10. Always wash and dry cotton fabrics before sewing to prevent distortion.

11. For cake decorating, use a thin layer of frosting under fondant to help it stick to the cake.

12. Store your markers horizontally to prevent ink from oozing out the tip.

13. Use a lint roller for quick & easy cleanup of glitter spills.

14. Do not leave a brush sitting in water, as it may dissolve the glue holding the brush together.

15. Place paints in a file cabinet upside down to see colors easily.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding these 31 crafting tips.

16. Use plastic party table covers for messy crafts for better protection than newspaper.

17. Use toothpicks to apply expensive glue to avoid putting too much on your project.

18. Create a faux terra cotta look using paint mixed with baking soda. (instructions)

19. Glue sticks are safe, clean, and easy to handle for small fingers.

20. Reduce bulk by using lightweight fabric such as batiste or broadcloth for pockets.

21. Achieve a subtle touch of paint color by employing the dry brushing technique using your old paintbrushes.

22. Cut pipe cleaners with wire cutters to avoid damaging scissors.

23. Clean rubber stamps with baby wipes immediately after stamping.

24. Store glue bottles upside down in jars for easy access.

25. Prep glass surfaces for painting by cleaning with rubbing alcohol to remove oils that may prevent paint from sticking.

26. Use a blow dryer to disintegrate strings of hot glue immediately.

27. When spray painting small items on all sides, use a lazy susan covered with plastic or newspaper for easy rotation.

28. Keep a tape roller next to your sewing machine for picking up stray threads.

29. When working with delicate fabrics, such as chiffon or lace, use tissue paper as a stabilizer to prevent stretching or tearing during sewing.

30. Create unique textures in your paintings by experimenting with unconventional tools, such as sponges, bubble wrap, or even crumpled plastic wrap.

31. Revitalize dried-out markers by soaking the tips in rubbing alcohol for a few hours, then replacing the caps tightly. By doing this, it can help extend the life of your markers and make them usable again.

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