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"KIDS AND TEACHERS" Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Craft Projects and Tutorials
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Project: Tulle Bugs - CLICK HERE to download instructions

Tulle Bugs



Project: Footprint Butterly Canvas - CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS

Footprint Butterfly Canvas



Project: Clothespin Butterfly - CLICK HERE

Clothespin Butterfly

Project: Glass Marble/Tile Magnets - CLICK HERE

Glass Marble / Tile Magnets

Click here

Canvas Handprint

Flower Pot Memo Holder - CLICK HERE

Flower Pot Memo Holder

click here
Father's Day Tie Tacks

Project: Button Tree - CLICK HERE

Button Tree Art




Clothepins Magnet - CLICK HERE

Clothespin Magnet

click here
Friendship Bracelets

Treasure Chest - CLICK HERE

Treasure Chests

click here
Ladybug on a Leaf

click here
Funky Flowers

click here
Welcome to Camp Visors

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Flowers for Mom

Sweet Cupcake Ornament - CLICK HERE

Sweet Cupcake

click here
Sculpey "Ladybugs"