Craft Supplies

Craft Supplies

Our Ben Franklin store in Monroe offers a wide selection of innovative and affordable craft supplies and everything you need in frames & custom framing, scrapbooking, rubber stamping, beads, candles, kids crafts & gifts, floral, quilting, sewing, knitting, needle arts, home décor and so much more! We also offer a variety of classes to crafters of all levels and all ages! See our calendar for more information.

Below, we feature some of the hot trends in the craft industry



New Year Hobby Inspirations

January is National Hobby Month so it's a great time to choose a new hobby! We have lots of current trending ideas for you. Check out our flyer HERE.

Visit us in the store to safely shop, or use our curbside pick up service by calling 360-794-6745 ext. 0.

Inspirations for Hobby Month




Resin Crafting

CLICK HERE to see all the supplies we have for you to get started with resin jewelry making and other projects!

Create with Resin





Diamond Dotz - Diamond Embroidery Facet Art Kits

Pre-Printed Kits - view them here

Freestyle Program - learn more here

Create stunning designs using the Diamond Embroidery Facet Art Kits. Designs are printed on high-quality polyester fabric. The areas to be worked with diamonds is printed in the form of a chart similar to a counted cross-stitch chart. Each colored diamond corresponds to a symbol on the chart. Take the diamond stylus and dip it into the wax pot. Pick up a diamond from the caddy making sure to place the head of the stylus on the rounded side of the diamond. Place the diamond on the corresponding symbol on the chart. The adhesive surface makes it easy to place and stick the diamond down. ~ Transcript from video tutorial by - video available HERE.

Diamond Dotz sparkling designs





Re-Design Decor Transfers by PRIMA

Updating your home decor has never been so easy! Apply these NEW Decor Transfers (which are like a rub on!) to your walls, furniture, and fabric! The colors are vibrant the designs are big, and the application is super easy! As you can see in our models, we have applied the transfers to a plate, to glass and to a galvanized bucket. The possibilities are endless. We have multiple designs to choose from.

Decor Transfers by PRIMA

Decor Transfers by PRIMA

Decor Transfers by PRIMA




New! Craft Cart

Use this cart to store your craft supplies. You'll have your craft room organized quickly - and in style! Or why not use it in the garage to hold tools, or maybe by the pool to make sure all the towels are accessible easily. You could also use it in the bathroom to organize your beauty products. The possibilities are endless!

6 COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM. We also have Cart Toppers, Cart Pockets, Cart Hooks, and Hanging Cups that will fit perfectly on your new cart!


Craft Cart





New! Framed Plexiglass

Use this framed plexiglass surface to paint your art. It comes in two sizes: 12" x 24" and 12" x 16" . Our designer team used Plaid Gallery Glass paint to create this beautiful sunflower design.

framed plexiglass





New! 18" Unfinished Wood Lazy Susan

Simply glue handles and apply the curved self-adhesive "Gather" vinyl word to our new 18" unfinished wooded LAZY SUSAN to create a fun centerpiece for your holiday dinners!

Decorate your own Lazy Susan





Acrylic Pouring Paint Supplies

>> View them all HERE

Pre-Mixed Pouring Paints





Clear Scraps Wood Surfaces

We have received a new shippment of fun wood surfaces. It includes the Family Frame, This is Us Frame, Friends Frame, Magical Frame, tractor pallet board, camper pallet board, mermaid tail pallet board, Mickey pallet board and more! (while supplies last) Use paints, inks, stains, paper and embellishments to create a one-of-a-kind decoration for your home, or to give as a gift!

Clear Scraps Wood Family Frame

Wood Pallet Shapes





New! Glue Sponge - a cleaner way to glue

This glue sponge offers a new way of gluing without the mess! Simply press the item that you want to glue into the sponge. (Check out our video here) A perfect amount of glue will cover your piece. Place on your project. It's such a neat and efficient gluing method.

Glue Sponge





Walnut Hollow 41992 Creative Woodburner

The nichrome wire points adjust their temperature with a tight tolerance for detailed work. The points heat and cool extremely quickly allowing the user to interchange points without a wait time. The Creative Woodburner can create precise detail, fine lines, variable textures, and beautiful coloration. This tool is perfect for hand lettering, drawing, and intricate designs.

Walnut Hollow 41992 Creative Woodburner Wire Tip Wood Burning Tool



Wood Burning Tool

The Walnut Hollow Creative Versa-Tool kit includes 1 hot tool with variable temperature control, tool stand, storage case, 11 tips, solder and instructions. $29.99. This is a perfect kit to get started.

Wood Burning Tool


We have plenty of wood surfaces to choose from to do your wood burning designs! Come see our entire selection.

Wood Surfaces




Clamp Jars with Wood Lids

Create a unique design on the lid using your wood burning tool! You can do it free hand or by stamping an image or using a stencil. Wood burning is easier than you think!

Wood Burning on Wood Jar Lids





Whittling Supplies

Learn the art of whittling with basic supplies that we carry.

Wittling blocks and book

Carving Knives





Uni POSCA Paint Pens

They are the most requested pens from our customers who are painting rocks, but are also good for so much more. We have a variety of colors and tip sizes for you to choose from. These are sold individually so you can choose the colors you want. We love these pens and know that you will too.

Uni POSCA Paint Pens:
Water based pigment paint markers that can write or paint on any surface.
Paint is permanent on porous surfaces, and removable on non-porous surfaces such as glass.
Great for coloring or writing clean lines. Odorless, safe for children, probably 4 or 5 yrs and older.

POSCA Paint Pens




FolkArt 3D Acrylic Paint

Perfect for rock painting and many other crafting projects. Create decorative dots and raised textured effects with durable dimensional paint.

Each paint is water based and comes in a 2 oz. squeezable bottle with a built-in fine point writer tip, so if you're painting intricate design details, personalizing a craft project, or creating dimensional nail head effects, it's never been easier to add impressive DIY patterns. The non-toxic formula is great for indoor and outdoor use and leaves a permanent, satin sheen.

FolkArt 3D Acrylic Paint - perfect for rock painting and many other projects




Rock Painting

The town of Monroe has joined the rock painting trend! People everywhere are painting rocks and then leaving them in public places for other people to find. This is a great community activity and Monroe, WA is part of it! Join their Facebook Group where you can post pictures of the rocks you've painted, or show pictures of the rocks you found. Get some inspiration on our Pinterest Rock Painting board.

Rock Painting Ideas

Rock Painting - Monroe Rocks!





Marabu Fashion Liners

The creamy, soft textile paint in the liner will turn any garment into a unique piece. The odourless, light-fast, water-based paint is suitable for special highlights, embellishments and writing.


Marabu Fashion Spray Paints

The water-based textile spray paint in the convenient pump-action spray bottle is suitable for light-coloured textiles with up to 20 % man-made fibres. Whether free-hand spraying with colour transitions, stencilling, masking or tying off – the odour-free and light-fast paints allow endless techniques. Marabu Fashion Spray in combination with Fashion Liner and Silhouette Stencils make fashion dreams come true.

Marabu Fashion Spray Paint and Liner



Marabu Easy Marble Paint

Marbling as never been so easy with the introduction of the Marabu Easy Marble Paint! All you have to do is drip a few drops of the liquid in a container filled with water. Drip all the colors chosen to create the marbling effect you're looking for. Then dip your object in the liquid and remove. You're done! Let dry completely.

More details (and a video tutorial) on our blog.

Marbling with Marabu Easy Marble Paint





Nuvo Embellishment Mousse

This mousse will add a beautiful metallic finish to your projects! Check out the company's website for an informative video.

Nuvo Embellishment Mousse

Projects using Nuvo Mousse





Deco Foil & Adhesive Pen by iCraft

This foil can be used on fabric, wood, paper and other porous surfaces. Check out this video by Blitsy Crafts for more information.

Deco Foil by iCraft





Unfinished Directional Signs Components

The wood pieces are easy to put together to create unique signs for parties, wedding or your garden! The wood pieces come in different lengths and end shapes (square or arrow style) 10" x 2.5" x .25". The main pole is 4' x 2.5" x .25". Use our self-adhesive vinyl words to decorate your signs!

Directional Signs components





Unfinished Wood Pallet Boards

You have probably noticed how much attention wood pallets are getting in the crafting world. To make life easy for you (so you don't have to go to every warehouse in your neighborhood to find old pallets), we sell some already made unfinished pallet boards that are ready to decorate. They come in different styles and sizes. Check out our Pinterest Board for inspirations - CLICK HERE.

Wood Pallet Boards





Stepping Stone Supplies

Make a personalized stepping stone for your garden! We have a great selection of designs to choose from. Kits include everything you'll need to make 1 stepping stone.

How-to video:

We have molds, kits, stamps, mosaics, pebbles and much more!

Stepping Stone Supplies





Soap and Candle Making Supplies

If you like to make your own candles and soaps, we have the supplies you'll need to be successful every time!

Soap and Candle Making Supplies





Design Master TintIT Multi-Use Transparent Dye

We're happy to introduce a new product line by Design Master® called TintIT Multi-Use Transparent Spray Dye.

You will love the versatility of this multi-use transparent dye! Spray vibrant, sheer color on raw, painted or pre-finished items without hiding surface details. Control how you change color. Tint white surfaces the spray color, shift a surface color with a blending hue, or layer coats of spray to intensify color or to create an ombre effect. This aerosol dye won't smear or warp paper. It's perfect for coloring coated and uncoated paper stock, chipboard, canvas, Styrofoam™ brand foam, wood, fresh and silk flowers, fabrics, trims and much more.

Details: • Available in assorted colors, • 10 oz. (283 g), • Fast drying. • Acid free, • Nontoxic when dry.
WARNING: Extremely flammable. Vapor Harmful. Eye Irritant. Contents under pressure.

Designer Master TintIT Multi-Purpose Transparent Dye


DIY Colorful Mason Jars in an Instant using TintIT dye spray

Tutorial: DIY Colorful Mason Jars in an Instant

Tutorial available via Design Master

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Check out this video for more craft ideas!






Storage boxes for all your needs!

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