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Wedding Decorations, Invitations & Party Favors

Are you in the preparation of a wedding? Maybe for yourself? Or maybe you're helping your best friend prepare the most important day of her life! Here at Ben Franklin Crafts and Frame Shop in Monroe, WA, we have the supplies needed to create the perfect Do-It-Yourself wedding! Come in to see our experienced designers, they'll help you prepare this celebration in no time!



Here are a few ideas to get you started with your wedding planning...


Remember those who cannot be with you on your special day with this memorial bouquet charm.

Memorial Bouquet Charm




Create a beautiful centerpiece with Eucalyptus, Firefly Lights and glassware. Add in candles and gold chargers for a polished finish!

Wedding Centerpiece with candle and charger




Our Firefly Lights are the perfect addition to greenery on the tables, or hanging in groupings down an accent wall.

Firefly Lights are a perfect addition to wedding decorations




Use our battery-operated LED Tea Lights to add a touch of romance to every table!
The bulb flickers like a real candle! They come in a 24-piece pack for your convenience.

Flikering Tea Lights




Making a candle centerpiece for your wedding tables is easy to put together with this set of 3-size candle holder set.

Candle Centerpiece for your wedding table




Pins and Tape - You'll need those for your last-minute projects!

Pins and Tape - You'll need those for your wedding!




Wedding Guest Book

Wedding Guest Book




Wedding Cake Serving Set

Wedding Cake Serving Set



Wine Glass Vellum Lamp Shade (12 pieces)

Instantly turns champagne and wine glasses into decor lamps. Just add led tealights. This is the perfect addition to a wedding party table centerpiece.

Vellum Lamp Shade





Make multiple tealights like these ones by simply gluing a battery-operated tealight inside the mason jar lid, then wrap the jar with jute and finish with a bow. Place multiple of them across your wedding party tables for a fun and rustic look.

Mason Jar Tealight for your wedding table





Wedding Party Favor Mini Boxes

Create mini thank you boxes using our Die Cut Machines! Learn more.

Wedding Die Cut Boxes for Party Favors




These small burlap bags are perfect for party favors!

Mini Burlap Bags