Frame Shop

Unique Framing Ideas

Stop by our Frame Shop to see the latest custom frame designs by our experienced framers. When something extraordinary is required, they will create a one-of-a-kind frame with details that are only created by an artist.



Shadowbox With Door

A shadowbox is a great way to showcase your treasures. Being able to open it to remove or add your mementoes is an added bonus. The magnetic door keeps it closed for an extra level of protection.

Shadowbox With Door




Fishing Reel Framed in a Shadowbox

Fishing reel framed in a shadowbox




Framed Kimono Display

Framed Kimono




Wood Frame

Framed Print in barnwood





Framed Dishes

What do you do with a antique dishes that was given to you? Bring it to our Frame Shop to see what ideas they can come up with. Framing them with a beautiful embossed mat is a wonderful way to display antique plates. The final touch is adding museum glass to keep your heirlooms from fading in sunlight.

What to do With Grandma's Dishes





Framed Vacation Memories

This frame started as an basic black shadowbox frame. Evie painted the bright lines on the top and sides of the frame. She added the map to the background and sides of the frame and painted an inner fillet bright yellow. Next she cut black foamcore to fit the photos and ticket, adhered them all to the foamcore and attached all to the back of the frame using spacers to give the 3 dimensional shadowing.  She attached some special pins from the vacation and the frame was complete.

Creative Picture Framing in Bonney LakeFramed Vacation Memories





Stack-It-Up Moulding

Create a one-of-a-kind piece when you "Stack-It-Up" using your choice of mouldings. This is a great way to truly customize your design and create interest by combining different textures and patterns. Stacking provides an opportunity to tie the mouldings together with the color scheme of the art.

Bird Custom Frame Idea

Stack-It-Up Moulding




Double-sided custom frame

What do you get when you mix photography by Ian McRae and custom frames built by our Frame Shop Manager, Brad Caplis? This beautiful double-sided standing frame that allows you to showcase two photographs. The rustic wooden frame echoes the nature photography and creates a perfect one-of-a-kind statement for your home.

Double-sided custom frame




Day of the Dead Framed Art

Mats can be so much more than a rectangle cut to frame your print. This Day of the Dead art is enhanced by a custom cut mat with many intricate shapes.

Day of the dead framed art




Custom designed wood frame

Each custom frame order is unique, and our team of designers can help you choose custom mouldings that enhance your art.

Loon Wood Frame - Framing Idea




Faux-Granite Mat

Our Frame Shop framed this piece with a Whitman Larson-Juhl Custom Frames, added a fillet, a Couture Mat by Crescent and Museum Glass for longevity and less glare. The mat has depth and looks just like granite. This stunning art will stop you in your track! Thanks to our customer Karen Green for allowing us to share this.

Custom Framing Spotlight





This framing showcases the meticulously carved scrollwork of Don Uhde.

This framing showcases the meticulously carved scrollwork of Don Uhde.

Don was a self taught artist who started working in stained glass over 40 years ago. Don’s carving of the Lord’s Prayer was done in many pieces that fit together with puzzle like precision.

We carefully pieced together and mounted his artwork onto a black painted backdrop which showcases the incredible detail.

The frame has an elaborate carved edge in black which complements the artwork.




Watercolor by Kathleen McRae

This original watercolor was painted by Kathleen McRae. It is framed in a rustic white and burnt mahogany to mimic the color and texture of the lovely birch trees.




Double sided table top display case

This framing for customer Bill Parrot was constructed as a double sided table top display case with a corresponding base. It is constructed entirely of our rustic Barnwood moulding and showcases both sides of an announcement for the 1954 Salmon Fishing Derby in Sekiu, WA. First prize was $500! Those were the days!




Donald King

Donald King had his family deeds, will and testaments, along with other important documents framed in the Sonora line of frame mouldings from Roma.

The delicate documents were slipped into acid free vellum sleeves, sandwiched them between two mats and glass so that both sides were visible for viewing.

Wire was fitted to the top of each frame so to not obstruct the back and wrapped the backside of the moulding in acid free black tape for presentation.




Custom Graduation Letter Mats

Custom Graduation Letter Mats

Custom Graduation Letter Mats
A fun way to showcase your grad!
3-4 Letters to display 3-4 photos.
10” x 20” :: 11” x 14”




Ready-Made Barnwood Frames

Barnwood Frame

The open frames of the whitewashed Barnwood perfectly displays the beauty of the canvas.




Barnwood Custom Shadow Box

Barnwood can also be customized to frame any art you have!




Frame Shop Gallery: Vintage

This dusted, vintage style frame with a dark fabric mat evokes a bygone era and compliments this customer's movie star looks!




Frame Shop Gallery: Vintage
Do you have a beautiful old frame just collecting dust in your closet or basement? We framed this customer's family photo and added a specialty cut to fill the unusual arched space at the top of the frame. Gives it new life!




Frame Shop Gallery: Cat

This extra thick mat was wrapped in playful fabric to compliment the whimsy of this cat portrait. Our fabric department has thousands of colors and patterns to choose from. 


Frame Shop Gallery: Jersey Shadow Box

Jersey Shadow Box Framing Special
Add photos and memorabilia.
Learn more




Custom-Made Shadow box

Giddy up and get creative! Ready-made shadow boxes are a wonderful way to save life’s precious mementos while telling a story.

Framing Spotlight: Peter Lai

Peter Lai is a local resident and photography hobbyist.

Peter has traveled to many exotic and remote locations, such as the Galapagos Islands and Africa, documenting his experiences with stunning photographs.

This image is a Snowy Owl that Peter photographed in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The frames are wonderfully textured and have the look of the gnarled stump upon which the owl is perched.

The filet was painted to mimic the fallen wood as well.

This piece has museum glass for optimum clarity and preservation.



Mt. Rainier

How about this for purple mountain majesty? This incredible view of Mt. Rainier has Mt. Baker, Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Hood all visible far off in the distance.

Enshrouded in clouds, this vista has incredible depth and texture. We created our own depth and texture in the framing as well. Our three dimensional mats are loaded with lush, variegated color that has to be viewed in person!




Peter Lai photography - snowy owls in Vancouver, BC

Peter Lai, a local resident and photography hobbyist, captured this stunning image of these Snowy Owls in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The frame is a weathered charcoal that has the look of the gnarled stump upon which the owls are perched. The filet was painted to mimic the beautifully patterned feathers of these exquisite birds and the bevel of the suede mat to match.




Framing Spotlight - Elizabeth Scott

This is a shadowboxed framing of local author Mindi Scott’s two published novels and corresponding book launch invitations and bookmarks.

We chose a suede backdrop and cut openings to house the books with a custom painted backdrop for the books to match the shadowbox frame. The final custom touch on this project is the grey filet added to the frame to complement the color of the books and matting.



Native Belts

This native American belt boasts turquoise gems, beads and shells. It has been sewn onto a faux leather mat and housed in a shadow box consisting of 3 frames. A fillet has been hand painted to emulate the amber beads sewn onto the belt. The frames are made of Burl wood, which emphasizes the beautiful patterns inherent in nature with Museum Glass to prevent glare to fully admire the beauty of the belt.




Double Level 1 Mat in School colors

8” x 10” Double Level 1 Mat
in School Colors

Fits standard 6” x 8” diplomas.
Frame not included.

Shadowbox Mat

10” x 10” Shadowbox Mat
Great for displaying a graduation tassel!
Frame not included.




Hand Carved Wood Block Stamps ART

Frame items, such as these hand carved wood block stamps in an open frame (without the glass) to create one-of-a-kind wall art.




University of Washington frame

For this panorama of the University of Washington’s Husky Stadium we cut a reverse v-groove into a deep green suede mat in order to achieve a sporty look while complementing the beauty of one of our greatest cities!




Picasso Plates

Picasso Plates - These valuable Picasso plates are now securely mounted in a shadow box with bold red and blue accents.  Very modern!




Frame Shop Gallery: Big Frame

This customer wanted rich colors surrounding this super oversized image. We hand wrapped frames in lush fabric to achieve the right look. This framing is 5 ft high and 8 ft wide.




Frame Shop Gallery: Music Frame

The crossed guitar cutouts on this framing of a music cd and cover gives it an added energy and boldness. In other words, it rocks!




Frame Shop Gallery: Home Plate

This hand signed Seattle Mariner's home plate is mounted in a deep shadowbox frame. Take me home to the ballgame!




Frame Shop Gallery: Graduation

Congratulations graduates! Frame anything from tassels to diplomas to grad photos to varsity letters and more!