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Jake Hose Paintings
Jake Hose

Prints available in our store.

Jake is well known for his Northwest whimsical art.

He is the creator of the popular Seattle Cats Series, depicting cats in the Northwest. To learn more about Jake, visit his website at











Dean Russo Animal Prints

Dean Russo Animal Prints

FRAMED ART PACKAGE: $30 - The 11" x 14" black frame comes with your choice of animal print and mat. Package includes FREE assembly in our Frame Shop.





local artist


Paul A. Lanquist



Paul A Lanquist PAL prints

Lantern Press Prints

Local artist

Lantern press is locally based therefore each print aims to capture the unique scenes of Seattle and surrounding areas.

Prints 9"x12" ($9.99).

More prints and sizes available in the store.

Lantern Press Prints