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Puzzles for the entire family

Our puzzles range from 24 jumbo pieces for the children to complicated 2,000 pieces for the adults.

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Puzzle with real clock






Family Hour Puzzle

This puzzle combines large and small pieces so the whole family can work together.

Family Hour Puzzle




Ravensburger Puzzles

We carry Ravensburger puzzles for the entire family. Their pieces are guaranteed - lose a piece and they will replace it. You do not need to throw the puzzle away.

Ravensburger puzzles




Unique Puzzles: Moon or Seattle City Skyline

Unique Puzzles: Moon or Seattle City





Save your puzzle while you are building it with the Puzzle Sort & Save and the Puzzle Roll Up both by Master Pieces. Use the Ravensburger 4 oz Puzzle Glue to permanently seal two 1000-piece puzzles.

puzzle roll up




Frame it!

Finished puzzleFinished puzzle

Finally, the puzzle is complete! Now, what do you do? Get your puzzle framed! Our Frame Shop can frame your puzzle and turn it into wall art to display in your home or office.