Craft Supplies

Pouring Paint supplies


Acrylic Pour Painting Art Supplies

Paint Pouring has never been so easy! We brought in all the add-ons and pre-mixed paints that you'll need to create your own piece of art!

Pre-Mixed Pouring Paints (8 oz)

Pre-Mixed Pouring Paints



Pre-Mixed Pouring Paint Sets (4 -4 oz bottles)

Pre-Mixed Paint Pouring Kits



Glitter Pouring Paint Mix-In Kit

Sprinkle glitter on wet paintings or combine with glue to create your own custom mix. This pack contains three types of glitter and one 1.7-fluid ounce container of glue.

Glitter Pouring Paint Mix-In Kit



Assorted Pouring Paint Mix-Ins

Talc Powder, Pouring Medium, Glossy Varnish, Cell Magic, Pearl Powder and Pour Art Embellishments.

Assorted Pouring Paint Add-Ons



Paint Pour Art Assorted Tool Kit: includes combs, brushes, knives, pipettes, tweezers, burnishing tool.

Paint Pour Art Assorted Tool Kit



Pre-Mixed Pour Art Starter Kit: includes drop cloth, popsicle sticks, manual, canvas, cups, gloves, silicone oil, and paints.

Pre-Mixed Pour Art Starter Kit