A Guide to Decluttering and Organizing Your Craft Room

A Guide to Decluttering and Organizing Your Craft Room

Welcome to “A Guide to Decluttering and Organizing Your Craft Room” brought to you by Ben Franklin Crafts and Frame Shop. Fellow crafters, join us in a world where creativity knows no bounds and where every piece of scrap paper and glittery ribbon sparks joy. But, let’s face it, our craft rooms can easily turn into a chaotic masterpiece of disorder. Fear not! We’re here to help you navigate the challenge of decluttering and organizing your craft supplies with some handy tips and useful products.

A Guide to Decluttering and Organizing Your Craft Room

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What to Toss Out or Donate

Crafters tend to accumulate an abundance of materials over time. To initiate the decluttering process, start by letting go of items that no longer inspire you. If it’s been sitting untouched for ages, it’s time to bid it farewell.

Remember, one crafter’s excess might be another crafter’s treasure. To share the joy of crafting, consider donating unused or unneeded supplies. Explore opportunities to contribute to local schools or community centers, fostering creativity in others.

When decluttering your craft supplies, consider tossing out or donating these items:

1. Unused or Expired Materials: Check for paints, glues, or other supplies that may have dried up or expired.

2. Incomplete or Broken Items: If you have incomplete sets, broken tools, or damaged materials, it might be time to let them go.

3. Duplicate Supplies: You may have accumulated multiple items of the same kind. Consider keeping only what you’ll realistically use and donate the extras.

4. Outdated Magazines or Patterns: Consider parting with outdated magazines or patterns, recognizing that trends may have shifted. Free up space for fresh inspiration.

5. Unwanted Fabric Scraps: If you have small fabric scraps that are unlikely to be used in future projects, consider donating them to schools or community centers.

6. Crafting Projects You Won’t Complete: Be realistic about projects you’ve started but know you won’t finish. Someone else might be thrilled to take them off your hands.

7. Old Craft Books: If you have craft books that no longer align with your interests, consider passing them on to friends, family, or a local library.

8. Unused Craft Tools: Tools you thought you needed but never use can find a new home with someone who will appreciate them.

9. Excess Ribbon, Yarn, or Trim: If you have more ribbon, yarn, or trim than you can use, consider donating some to local schools or crafting groups.

10. Decorative Items You’ve Fallen Out of Love With: Decor elements or finished crafts that no longer spark joy can be donated or repurposed.

What to Restock On

Examine your essential supplies with care, conducting a thorough inventory check. Create a comprehensive shopping list to restock items running low, ensuring your creative space stays abundantly supplied and ready for your next project. As every crafter knows, running out of paintbrushes, glue, or that perfect shade of yarn can quickly turn into a nightmare. However, fear not! Make a trip to our Ben Franklin Crafts stores in Bonney Lake and Monroe, WA, where our shelves are always stocked with everything you need for your next creative endeavor.

When restocking your craft supplies, consider replenishing:

1. Basic Paint Colors: Ensure you have an ample supply of essential paint colors such as black, white, primary colors, and any shades you frequently use.

2. Quality Brushes: Restock your collection of paintbrushes, ensuring you have a variety of sizes and types suitable for different crafts.

3. Adhesives: Check and restock adhesives like glue sticks, liquid glue, double-sided tape, and any specialty adhesives you commonly use.

4. Variety of Paper: Ensure you have a good selection of paper, including cardstock, patterned paper, and specialty paper for various crafting projects.

5. Ink Pads: If you enjoy stamping, replenish your ink pads in various colors to add vibrancy to your projects.

6. Quality Cutting Tools: Sharpen or replace blades for craft knives or scissors. Having sharp cutting tools is essential for precise and clean cuts.

7. Variety of Fabrics: If you’re into sewing or fabric crafts, restock your fabric stash with a variety of textures and patterns.

8. Specialty Markers and Pens: Ensure you have a range of markers and pens suitable for different surfaces, such as fabric markers, fine liners, and metallic pens.

9. Yarn in Popular Colors: Restock your yarn collection with popular colors and various weights suitable for different knitting or crocheting projects.

10. Storage Solutions: Invest in additional storage containers, bins, or organizers to keep your newly decluttered space organized and tidy.

11. Sketchbooks or Notepads: If you frequently brainstorm or sketch out ideas, restock on sketchbooks or notepads.

12. Replacement Blades for Cutting Machines: If you use cutting machines like a Cricut or Silhouette, ensure you have replacement blades to maintain precision.

Remember to tailor your restocking efforts based on your specific crafts and projects, ensuring you have the essentials for your favorite creative endeavors.

Limited Shelf Life:

When restocking all your craft supplies, be mindful that some items may have a limited shelf life or can deteriorate over time. Here are some considerations:

1. Paints: Check the consistency of your paints, as they can dry up or become clumpy. Make sure to store them in airtight containers and shake well before use. Replace any colors that have dried out or changed in texture.

2. Brushes: Inspect the bristles of your brushes for any signs of damage or fraying. Consider investing in quality brushes and clean them thoroughly after each use to extend their lifespan.

3. Paper and Cardstock: Paper can become discolored or brittle over time, especially if exposed to sunlight or humidity. Restock your collection with fresh, vibrant paper, and store it in a cool, dry place.

4. Ink Pads: Ink pads can dry out, affecting the quality of your stamped projects. Ensure you have a variety of ink colors, and check the freshness of your pads periodically. Store them upside down to prevent drying.

5. Fabrics: Fabrics can lose their vibrancy or become prone to fading. Keep an eye on the condition of your fabric stash, and restock with new materials to keep your projects looking fresh.

6. Yarn: Yarn can lose its elasticity over time, and colors may fade. Consider restocking your yarn supply with a variety of textures and colors, ensuring that you have what you need for your upcoming projects.

7. Markers and Pens: Markers and pens may dry out if not capped properly. Check the condition of your markers, and restock with fresh ones as needed. Store them horizontally to prevent premature drying.

8. Cutting Tools: Keep your cutting tools sharp and in good condition. Replace blades for craft knives or scissors that have become dull to ensure clean and precise cuts.

By staying proactive and periodically evaluating the condition of your craft supplies, you’ll be better prepared to tackle your creative projects with materials that are in optimal condition.

Smart Storage Solutions:

Invest in clear containers to organize and store your supplies efficiently. At our store, we offer a diverse selection of storage containers that are not only highly functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, these transparent bins provide a practical solution, making it effortlessly easy to find what you need without the hassle of rummaging through a seemingly endless sea of crafting materials.

Crates for Chic Shelving:

Crates aren’t just for shipping; they make stylish and versatile shelving units. Whether stacked on the floor or mounted on the wall, crates can add a touch of rustic charm to your craft room while providing ample storage space for larger items. For the perfect crates to suit your style, check out our selection at Ben Franklin Crafts and Frame Shop.

Label Your Storage Containers:

Chalk Tags for a Touch of Whimsy: Add a touch of charm to your craft storage with chalk tags. These versatile labels not only keep you organized but also provide a delightful canvas for doodles and notes. 

Creative Labels using our Die-Cutting Machine: Create labels in various shapes and sizes to suit every storage container and keep your craft room in perfect order. Purchase your supplies at our store, and enjoy complimentary use of our die-cutting machines

Framing your Finished Projects:

Finished a masterpiece but not sure how to display it? Consider framing your completed projects to give them the attention they deserve. Our Frame Shops have a wide range of frames to complement any craft, from paintings to intricate needlework. Let your creations take center stage on your craft room walls.

Check out ideas of framed projects that our Frame Shop experts created:
Frame Shop in Bonney Lake
Frame Shop in Monroe


Crafting is a journey of joy and self-expression, and an organized craft room is the perfect starting point. Follow these tips and come in to shop our fantastic range of products at Ben Franklin Crafts and Frame Shop in Bonney Lake and Monroe, WA, to transform your creative space into a haven of order and inspiration. Happy crafting!

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