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DIY Wedding

Ask our floral department to help you make a beautiful arrangement for the bride to be or wonderful centerieces for the reception. We know your wedding day is important and we want to help make it special.


Here are a few ideas to get you started with your wedding planning...

Create a beautiful centerpiece with Eucalyptus, Firefly Lights and glassware. Add in candles and gold chargers for a polished finish!

Wedding Centerpiece with candle and charger



Our Firefly Lights are the perfect addition to greenery on the tables, or hanging in groupings down an accent wall.

Firefly Lights are a perfect addition to wedding decorations



Make your boutonnieres using our Lapel Pin Vase, some greenery, and some flowers.

DIY Boutonniere



Making a candle centerpiece for your wedding tables is easy to put together with this set of 3-size candle holder set.

Candle Centerpiece for your wedding table



Pins and Tape - You'll need those for your last-minute projects!

Pins and Tape - You'll need those for your wedding!



more DIY wedding ideas...


Embroidery Hoops Table Decor


DIY Wedding Centerpiece DIY Flower Bouquet for the bride


Wedding Wreath Frame





Unity Sand


Unity Sand Set

A unity sand ceremony is a symbolic element to represent the joining of two lives by layering sand from two vases, that represent the bride and groom, into one vase.

It is easy to create your own unity sand set. You can select any size, shape and color of vase or bottle.


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Vinyl LetteringVinyl Lettering

Vinyl is a versatile crafting material that is a quick, easy, and elegant choice for creating your own wedding and reception decorations. 

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Faux Diamond Trim

Decorating with Faux Diamond Trim

Faux diamond trim is a quick and inexpensive way to give items instant glam. For the do-it-yourself bride-to-be, the diamond trim is inevitably perfect for creating decorations for a wedding and reception. 

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