DIY Gnome Puppy

DIY Gnome Puppy

Assembling the pieces to make a DIY Gnome Puppy is easier than you may think! You’ll need some craft faux fur and 1 empty paper towel roll to get started. We included a video on how to do it!

Supplies needed to make a DIY Gnome Puppy

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One piece of craft faux fur
Sheet of pink felt
Black pom pom
Cardboard from paper towel roll
Hot glue gun & glue stick

DIY Gnome Puppy supplies

Video Tutorial

Step-By-Step Tutorial

1. Cut the paper towel roll cardboard to about 5 inches long. Now we will measure the piece of faux fur that we will need to make our gnome puppy. Place the faux fur on a table with the fur side down, making sure the direction of hair is flowing down. Lay the cardboard roll on the fur. Measure about 2 inches past the roll and mark with a pen. Roll the cardboard and the fur until all of the cardboard is covered. Now mark with a pen about ½ inch past.

2. Using scissors, cut the fur from the back side without cutting all the way through to the fur. You will cut out a rectangle shape that covers your entire cardboard and overlaps ½” and 2″ longer at the top.

3. Hot glue the faux fur to the cardboard, rolling as you go and securing the edge of the fur. Tuck excess fur into the top of the cardboard.

DIY Gnome Puppy - how to

4. Cut two triangles about 3 inches long. Again cut the fur side down and hairs flowing down. Make sure to cut only the backing, not the fur. Hot glue the two edges of the triangle in on itself to form the ears.

DIY Gnome Puppy - cut the ears

5. Move hair aside and glue the ear to the inside rim of the cardboard roll. Check out our video if you’re not sure how to do this. Repeat for the other ear. Now make sure to pull all of the hair out to the top of the head.

6. Using a piece of ribbon, make a small bow. Glue the bow to the side of the hair in front.

7. Cut an oval shape from the pink felt. This will be the tongue. Glue a small black pom pom to it for the nose. Glue the nose & tongue to the fur. Check out our image for positioning. 

Your gnome puppy is finished. Enjoy!

DIY Gnome Puppy

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