Resin Leaf Pendant Ideas

Resin Leaf Pendant Idea

Nancy made these resin leaf pendants at our staff craft information night, then she added a bee charm and chain to one, and did creative wire wrapping on the other one. Which one is your favorite? 

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Resin Leaf Pendants by Nancy for Ben Franklin

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Resin Leaf Pendant Idea
Resin Leaf Pendant Idea

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We have all the products you’ll need to get started! It’s easy! Mix one part resin with one part hardener. Add your embellishments to the resin. If you wish, you can add dyes to the resin to create custom colors. Pour the mixture into the desired mold. Check out this video by American Crafts to see how easy it is for anyone to create with resin!

Color Pour: Resin & Resin Hardener - 4 oz bottles

Mix one part resin with one part hardener.

Color Pour Resin

Color Pour Resin: Opaque Dye Kits - .3 oz bottles

Add dyes to resin to create custom colors.

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Color Pour Resin: Jewelry Making Kit

3 bezels, 10 pin backs, 10 earring posts, 10 earring backs, 20 screw pins, 1 drill, and 4 drill bits.

Color Pour Resin Jewelry Making Kit

Color Pour Resin: Jewelry Silicone Mold

They’re perfect for creating your own earrings, necklaces, and so much more.

Color Pour Resin Jewelry Making Kit

Resin Products

We also carry the Amazing Clear Cast High Gloss, and the Envirotex Lite Pour-On High Gloss Finish.  

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