Why is it important to support local small businesses?

Small Business Saturday Nov. 25, 2023

You may wonder why it is so important to support local small businesses? Shopping at local small family-owned and operated stores has the potential to benefit both individuals and the community. It can lead to stronger local economies, more vibrant communities, and a more personalized and unique shopping experience.

Why is it important to support local small businesses? Here are 9 good reasons!

1. Economic Impact

Supporting local businesses keeps money within the community. When you spend money at a local family-owned business, a significant portion of that money tends to stay in the local economy. This, in turn, can lead to more jobs and economic growth in the area.

2. Personalized Service

Local businesses often provide more personalized and attentive customer service. They are often more invested in building long-term relationships with their customers and are more likely to go the extra mile to meet your specific needs.

3. Unique Products and Services

Local businesses often offer unique and niche products or services that may not be readily available in big chain stores. This can add diversity to the local market and offer consumers more choices.

4. Community Identity

Local businesses are often an integral part of the community’s identity. They contribute to the character and culture of the area, making it a more vibrant and interesting place to live.

5. Job Creation

Local family-owned businesses are more likely to hire from the local community. By supporting them, you’re indirectly contributing to job creation and reducing unemployment in your area.

6. Community Support

Local businesses are more likely to invest in community initiatives, sponsor local events, and support charitable organizations. This demonstrates their commitment to the community and helps make the local area a better place to live.

7. Resilience

Local businesses can provide a sense of stability and resilience during economic downturns. They are often more adaptable to local economic conditions and may be better equipped to weather economic crises.

8. Connection to Owners

When you shop at a local business, you’re more likely to interact directly with the owners. This can create a sense of connection and trust that may not be as easily established in larger, corporate chains.

9. Quality and Authenticity

Many local businesses take pride in the quality and authenticity of their products and services. They often have a passion for what they do, which can result in higher quality and more unique offerings.


Mark your calendar for the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and get ready to Shop Small® with us. Grab a friend or family member and come by BEN FRANKLIN CRAFTS AND FRAME SHOP in Bonney Lake and Monroe, WA, for an amazing shopping experience!

What is Small Business Saturday? Small Business Saturday is a yearly initiative designed to promote local shopping both in-store and online at small businesses. Held annually in November, this event provides a valuable chance for small businesses to boost sales during the festive shopping season.


Our stores offer not just products but experiences – from exceptional customer service to a unique array of crafts, frames, home décor and so much more!  Join us in creating a vibrant and supportive community. Your support means the world to us, and we can’t wait to welcome you with the ambiance of creativity and passion in our stores. Come, shop local, and be part of something special! #ShopLocal  #ShopSmall

Ben Franklin store in Monroe, WA
19505 Hwy 2, Monroe, WA 98272
Ben Franklin Crafts and Frame Shop, Bonney Lake, WA
21121 Hwy 410 E. Bonney Lake, WA 98391
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