DIY Waterless Snow Globe: Snowman Scene

DIY Waterless Snow Globe: Snowman Scene

Immerse yourself in winter wonder by creating this DIY Waterless Snow Globe Snowman Scene! The tutorial is below and we made it super easy to follow by including images for each step. Grab your supplies at our Ben Franklin Crafts and Frame Shop locations in Bonney Lake & Monroe, WA and let the winter crafting magic begin!

Supplies you'll need to make a Waterless Snow Globe Snowman Scene:

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(Supplies may vary by store, however, special store-to-store orders can be placed with a one-week turnaround. Substitutions will be suggested if a product is no longer available.)

– 6” Dome (More ideas shown below)
– Snowman Figurine
– Small Bottle Brush Tree
– Your Choice Adhesive
– Artificial Snow
Our employees are always happy to help find an alternative solution for any out of stock items.

1. Detach the Dome:

Gently separate the dome from the white base to kickstart your snow globe project. (In the picture below, it has been reattached after creating the scene. But we still wanted to show you the section that you would detach when starting this project).

DIY Waterless Snow Globe: Snowman Scene

2. Create the Snowman Scene:

Use your chosen glue to secure the snowman and bottle brush tree onto the white base. Allow time to dry for a strong bond. (In the picture below, you see them in the snow. This picture was taken after the project was finished, after the artificial snow was added. Make sure to glue your figurines BEFORE adding the snow.)

DIY Waterless Snow Globe: Snowman
Miniature Tree

3. Add Artificial Snow:

Flip the dome upside down and add approximately 1/4 cup of artificial snow inside. Add more for extra winter enchantment. (The picture below shows you how it will look after the dome is reattached to the base)

Apply your chosen adhesive into the crevice of the white base where the dome attaches.

Keep the dome upside down and carefully attach the white base. This ensures a secure seal for your snow globe.

DIY Waterless Snow Globe: Snowman Scene

4. Final Touch:

Flip the globe over and watch as the artificial snow cascades around the delightful figurines, completing your  waterless snow globe snowman winter scene.

DIY Waterless Snow Globe: Snowman Scene

Waterless Snow Globe Ideas

Beyond the classic Waterless Snow Globe Snowman Scene, explore a world of possibilities by crafting enchanting scenes in jars, glass ornaments, and decorative lanterns. Stop by our stores in Bonney Lake & Monroe, WA, where a treasure trove of mini accessories awaits. Our friendly team is here to guide you through your crafting experience. Visit us today and discover the joy of making magic with your hands!

DIY Waterless Snow Globe: Snowman Scene
Decorated Christmas Lanterns
DIY Waterless Snow Globe

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